So I'm using the atlas 15* rod now on my Force/phantom. I have the Millionaire Aspio at +35 and I'm going to do the whole upslotting/affixing soon. Here are the ones I've come up with so far:

1.Comrade's BlessingProvides bonuses based on the number of party members. 2 Members: PP Consumption -8% 3 Members: +10% Critical Hit Rate 4 Members: Attack Power +3%

  1. S2: Precision Will 2 Increases critical hit damage by 4%.

  2. S3: Precision WillIncreases critical hit damage by 4%.

  3. Grand Casting TEC Pwr +60 HP +20 PP +5

Ok so now what should I shoot for for the other 4 (assuming I can upslot it to 8)? I have 220 million to work with. Rod weapon list