please help me! i can't figure out how to get ps3 controller working

need help setting up ps3 controller.. my xbox pad broke and i can't figure this out..


Are you using Steam? If so, you can connect your Dualshock 3 and open up the Steam Controller configuration to enable support for PlayStation-supported controllers and then allow your controller to be used as an XInput device that way.

i am not using steam 😕

will it take another full several hour install to be able to switch over to steam (i have steam, but havent switched over cuz it's been running quite nicely for a while and scared to a: mess it up b: really dont wanna do another several hour install

if it's easy and doesn't require the full install.. would you mind either giving me the steps or point me to where i can find them..

i've looked but can't seem to find the answer on whether or not a full second install is required

The PSO2 Tweaker if you are using it already allows you to convert your Microsoft Store installation into a Steam Installation (and back, if I recall) so you will not have to redownload the whole game. This link will help you with that.

Without Steam Input I know you can find other tools to get the Dualshock 3 recognized as an XInput controller but I have not looked into newer methods other than ScpServer. If you do not get Steam Input working (or the PSO2 Tweaker to convert your current game to the Steam version using those intstructions) I can update this post with further information on how to setup ScpServer which will work outside of Steam.

i am about to try the steam thing..

i have been messing with scptoolkit and motioninjoy alll day...


like.. i can get it recognized.. i can calibrate it..

i can even play a few other games.. pso2?

no dice

With regards to Steam Input and potentially the other tools, you may have to run those as an Administrator due to GameGuard (the game's anti-cheat) blocking controller inputs that aren't at the same level as the game in terms of privileges. On my end I have to run Steam as an Administrator for my Dualshock 4 to work correctly and it does not work on the Microsoft Store version (using DS4Windows) but it does work on the Japanese version of the game, both run from the PSO2 Tweaker.




thank you sooo very much! oh my gwawd this has been such a headache!

i can't even express how helpful that was.. i've been beatin my head and working on this for literal days.. trying this... aaand trying that.. didn't work.. uninstall reinstall... didnt work..

i was SO disheartened because i am not really tech savvy and didn't have anyone around that could either.. i just like a few modern games (this being one.. and i've loved pso since dc launce) and mame/emulation of older games.. i didn't think i was gonna be able to get it..

you're a literal lifesaver.. i don't have much right now (cuz i'm always buyin something lol) but if you play on ship one, lemme know what you like and i'll throw ya a gift or something!

(would totes bake ya some cookies, buut.. stale cookies aren't the best.. lol)

hits dab bong and gives jumping high five

@WoollierTiara12 I am on Ship 3.

Out of curiosity, what was your solution?

i installed steam via that link and it really was a super fast and simple procedure.

i had been beating my head against the wall on this thing, afraid i'd have the multihour install if i switched to steam.

and your information and knowledge just poofed it gone

thank you again, i could very well still going thru that mad frustration