Login Loop / Title Screen Loop / Press The Enter Key Loop

Re: Main menu loop/crash

We had a lot of bugs playing this early on (I literally couldn't talk to the friend I was trying to play with). I decided to come back and give it a retry and now I can't even get logged in. It pops up the XBOX Live sign-in and then goes back to "Press The Enter Key" title screen over and over. I notice the "Current User:" field never populates with my account suggesting authentication isn't taking place? I don't know what to do.

Initially I had the XBOX Live Companion App open and it wasn't even prompting the XBOX login. When I installed the new Win10 app it switched to popping open the XBOX Sign in but it can't seem to sign in.

I've been googling for solutions but haven't found much for this. Here is a video of the behavior for reference.

Ironically I had planned to link my account to Steam and switch it to see if it fixed a lot of this stuff. <_<

Try the console companion again.

  1. On your computer, search for "Xbox Console Companion"
  2. Click the settings icon (it looks like a gear)
  3. Click Sign out under your Account name
  4. Log back into your Microsoft account
  5. Try opening PSO2 again

Open Microsoft Store and make sure everything is updated, specifically Gaming Services. That is a requirement for the game's log-in services. The service has to also be running on your computer at the time of attempting to login