One thing about materials and cooking is gnawing at me.

Do I really have to have all of the material items/ingredients in my inventory in order to cook, I can't make anything out of my storage? If so what are people's crafting flow? Do you set aside time, move everything out of your storage, go to the cooking terminal, and scroll through hoping you don't see any ingredients in red to indicate that you have enough resources to make something? It seems just a little contrived and it's really bugging me. Is that what the material storage is for, does it have special features? Thanks.

And if the answer is "Yes, yes, no" respectively then that's fine, I just want to know if I'm missing a mechanic or something.

Yes. You have to have all items on you, sadly.

@GM-Deynger Thanks for the confirmation, I appreciate it 😃

@Merelambasted hello, you can buy something in the SG shop known as Material Storage. This stores various stuff like grinders, craft materials, excube and similar items.

By putting those items in the material storage, any trade ins that require those materials will be detected and used from there

@Berry Ooo, I'll have to save up for that!

@Merelambasted said in One thing about materials and cooking is gnawing at me.:

@Berry Ooo, I'll have to save up for that!

You can get a bunch of SG via the EPISODE 1 - 3 story mission quests. (Since they had to give you something in place of all the matter boards.) Which you should do anyway for the ARKS Mission/Quest thing. You also get even more SG from those story missions by redeeming the titles that they give.

OOOH that's right! Thank you for bringing that up @coldreactive ! That would be a good tip to pin in this section.