Post-Graphical Update System Requirements?

PSO2 JP is getting the graphical update in February, and they've stated that they're not ready yet to announce the system requirements for the update (which implies that the NGS closed beta requirements are different from the graphical update requirements).

I just upgraded last year so hopefully the requirements don’t get too crazy, though it would be weird to see.

They've announced the formal system requirements for the mid February update planned on JP server.

@Fiona-Respha I remember trying to play games and not having AVX support on my processors that resulted in some games being completely unplayable.

I am curious of what the New Genesis specs will be when those get refined further if this is what Phantasy Star Online 2 is using because I would hope that New Genesis potentially will still work even on these. Alongside that, the tweaks they did show during the most recent update video on the graphics engine revamp looked promising in that they had more graphics options (such as Vsync) being accessible in-game.

@VanillaLucia Haha, they seem not to forget to mention AVX support is a must.

The announced requirements is for running the upgraded PSO2 in the lowest setting 1 (probably the same setting revealed in the latest livestream, scaling from 1: minimum to 6: ultra). I personally guess that NGS also runs under the same spec if the graphic setting is set to 1.


The related note on the original notice is this part.


Very roughly translated,

This requirements are expected to be capable of having an average of 30fps (or more) on the multi-party quests of PSO2, when the PC version "simple" graphic setting is set as 1. Still, if there was other software running, the fps can become lower.


Sorry to comment on this late but 2.5 Years is actually quite old in PC terms. The Average GPU Generation Cycle is between 18-24 Months and AAA games will always try and push as much Graphical Fedility as possbile, especially in the case of NG as Graphical Overalls are very costly to Game Developers.

My Advice is to not worry about running the game at Ultra/High Settings, but focus on your target FPS. As you upgrade your system, you will be able to hit Ultra/High with ease. Until then, focus on gettting the game to run.