Battle Arena (PvP) Matchmaking having issues with me.

Greetings, I am one of the very few of players that PvP in Phantasy star online 2 and with that context there are hardly any players that PvP. The sole reason I PvP wasn't out of love for PvP (At least not PSO2's way of PvP) but for a source of "Stargems" which you can get 100 of per week. I had noticed that it finally hit me that I disconnect from the game even though my Wi-fi is doing very well which became a first ever issue with the game to me. The second issue is that after being Disconnected from PvP 5 times in total matchmaking for PvP had became an issue now. When ever I attempt to matchmake with the few others even though there are currently a 8/12 present I ended up matching with 1/12 which baffles me. After many resets counting over 45+ times trying to match with them I always end up with 1/12 to no end it seems.

I just hope that anyone would look into it to see if its an issue or "Working as intended" which is what Id be afraid to hear. I believe matchmaking for PvP is broken or issues matching the very last players that still PvP only to cause them to split up even though there are hardly anyone else to match with.

So please look into it, I am certain that I may not be the only one with this issue hoping that enough players will let their concerns to be well known.

After 7 days of not being able to PvP because of the same issue, I managed to join a few matches up to 4 till I've been disconnected from the game trying to load into my 5th match.

Afterward the same issue occurs and now Unable to PvP anymore again...

I really need help here.