Unlimited storage for outfits and weapon camo

Since storage is so limited. Pls. build into char like BDO where outfits and camo do not count to storage.
This way u encourage people to buy more outfits .


A collection system where you can only store one of each type. (Regardless of color) would be nice. Placing an item in said collection that has a color option should default it to the color black (000000) or white (FFFFFF)

You'll still have to take it out of said storage to wear them, though.

I believe layering wear was a step towards this direction, the basewear and innerwear are registered to your account and do not take space. But because these are consumables and once you use them they are taken out of the supply in the market - the price of these tend to skyrocket much faster than outerwear and outfits that can be resold once people don't wish to use the fashion anymore.

I did play some games that have the wardrobe feature that you can register outfits and have them not take up inventory space - but usually in these games the outfits are either untradeable in the first place or becomes account bound/untradeable which will have similar effect to the consumable fashion items that takes the items out of the market supply.

I agree, I kind of find it strange that a game in which the main part of its monetisation scheme consists of fashion would limit the amount of fashion the player can acquire. This just disincentivizes the players from acquiring whatever the new outfits are they want to sell which seems rather counterproductive.