"Defeat 5 Rappies" tier mission stuck at 4/5

I was attempting to clear tier missions earlier today until I started having issues with the mission asking to defeat 5 rappies. I ran forest a number of times and found that the mission progress was stuck at 4/5. I maybe defeated another 10 rappies in the area and none of them counted.

Quest progress was 1/5 before I started running to clear this and the mission doesn't specify a specific planet's rappy. (Minimum level 1, so any rappy.) Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I'm sure if I am it's literally under my nose.

I posted a video to my XBL profile hoping I'd be able to direct link it but that won't do apparently. If a video is required j can host it elsewhere.

In this game, Nav Rappies are defined as NOT a Rappy. Only "pure" Rappies counts towards that tier mission, I think. Rappies basically appears just randomly, so you need to have some luck. Maybe Urgent Quests with various enemies will work, if you have only one Rappy left to defeat. Hope you a good luck!

Edit: stage 21 of Extreme Training: Forest & Dragons has 3 Rappies for sure, but get to that stage might be a hard way.