Triboost 100% exchange

Global is at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to RDR boosts compared to JP. JP has an exchange, although rather convoluted, that allows you to trade in 5 excubes for a Triboost 100. In comparison, Triboost 100s are in limited supply on Global -- there's no easy way to stock up on them.

The way this is done on JP:

  • 1 Excube = 1 Room Pass
  • 1 Room Pass = 1 Blue Badge
  • 5 Blue Badges = 1 Triboost 100

The problems not having something similar causes on Global:

  • We are missing 50% Rare Drop Rate, Meseta Gain, and EXP Gain compared to JP despite being on a fast-tracked schedule
  • Free to Play players with a limited number of characters can easily run out of Triboosts (even 50% ones) if they play enough, even if they're doing dailies on all 3 of their characters

Additionally, on JP, 50% Triboosts are kind of useless as a result of this exchange because 5 excubes for a Triboost 100% is just solid value really. And players with multiple characters past the free to play 3 character limit can find themselves completely flooded with 50% Triboosts (I'm currently at over 900 of them and I use them a lot)

So basically, I don't think this exact method JP has would fit on Global. As a result, what I'm going to suggest is a 2-part solution to all of the issues listed. The 2nd part is also for JP.

My proposed solution:

  • Add an exchange to buy 50% Triboosts for ~2 excubes each?
  • Add an option on both Global and JP in the Swap Shop 2 to exchange 3 Triboost 50% -> 1 Triboost 100%

Honestly, the excube cost on the 50% Triboosts could even be higher if needed. But these two implementations solves all of the issues above:

  • Free to Play players on Global can get Triboosts with excubes, meaning running out of Triboosts is harder
  • Players with excess Triboost 50% (usually due to having many characters and doing daily missions) can compress them into something better, which Free to Play players also have access to if they have the excube income to do so
  • Global will be able to have as much RDR as JP can get easily, which makes the drop rates much more fair for a version of the game that has accelerated releases
  • If JP gets the Swap Shop 2 exchange, they'll actually have a use for the Triboost 50s that many players ignore due to easy access to Triboost 100s

I'm not here to counter your proposal or your points. I'd just like to make you aware in JP its:

x5 3-day Room Passes = 1 Blue Badge

x1 3-day Shop Pass = 1 Blue Badge