Luster's Global Debut?

@Milk said in Luster's Global Debut?:


It looks really fun but difficult! I oddly can’t get into Phantom but my husband loves it and I love Etoile. Luster probably won’t replace Etoile for me but I like playing different classes. We’ll see.

I see 😮 I will level it up and currently levelling Etoile now still tbh.

@Milk said in Luster's Global Debut?:

Get your Gunblade camos now while they’re dirt cheap, you know the second they announce it’s coming those prices will skyrocket. I have a pink parasol for mine ready to go, I’m going to fight like Peach in Smash Bros! 😁

Yeah, they're not dirt cheap on ship 3 sadly. Trying to get the Gunlance for it and it's hovering at 15m currently, max is 25m.


That’s pricey, it might go up even further than that after Luster is announced.

@Milk Reason why I'm scrambling to get them now. Wish Ann's School Uniform and Makato's outfit would be higher than a mil or 2, but that's just how it goes for ship 3 I guess...