Purchasing Mission Pass Gold ticket from SG store does not provide ticket or unlock gold rewards.

After purchasing Mission pass gold from the SG store for 200sg, the system shows purchase completes and deducts 200sg.... however it does not provide a ticket, and does not unlock gold tier rewards. Nothing shows in the purchase history/expiration either. I tried it twice over two days and did the same thing. Now I'm out 400sg ..... rip

Fixed itself after I completed some story quests, appeared in my standard storage. 🙃

Glad you didn't lose the SG, but be aware that the Mission Gold Pass Tickets are currently bugged, so you should go ahead and trade them back in for SG at Swap Shop 2 (at the NPC Kameo in the Shopping Plaza, just below the entrance to Franca's Cafe).

After doing so, if you want to unlock the Gold Tiers, then you can select one of the locked Gold Tier prizes and it will prompt you to unlock them with your SG.