Please Help. Cannot unlock Gold Mission Pass. UNKNOWN ERROR message

i had extra gems due to unredeemed missions and titles so 2 days ago i fully unlocked the Mission Pass. however each time i try to unlock the Gold Tier with a pass, it does nothing. OR i would select item i want, say yes to using one of 5 passes, it would unlock. then when i go to download it would say Unknown Error occurred. Then it would relock and my Gold pass would never had redeemed.

Is this a known bug? i really want those Santa outfits.

Help Me.

They disabled the use of the gold mission pass ticket because of a bug. You need to remove any gold mission pass tickets from your inventory. You can place them in storage or go to swap shop 2 and exchange them for 200 SG. Once you removed them from your inventory, go to the mission pass and select one of the gold tier rewards. It will ask you to use 200 SG to unlock the gold tier. Select yes and the gold tier is unlocked. Now you should be able to redeem the rewards.