--CLOSED-- [Ship 1] A.R.K. Knights is recruiting! Active, Sociable, and Toxic-free, check us out!

Region: North America

Alliance Name: A.R.K. Knights

Ship: Ship 1

Time Zone: Central Standard Time (CST)

Looking for an alliance in Ship 1 to call home? Well then, you've come to the right place! We are the A.R.K. Knights, and it is our vision as an alliance to maintain an active, sociable, toxic-free environment for all members to thrive in.

We are looking for mature, social, active players above level 40 who would be open to:

-Forging bonds within the alliance (let's hang out and chat!)

-Hosting their own events within the alliance

-Helping fellow alliance members in their endeavors

-Alliance parties (exp, drop hunting, etc)

-Alliance trigger runs

-Alliance social events (we have had a fashion show, winter holiday party, and casino nights- suggestions are welcome for future events)

Alliance features:

-Level 8 Tree (maxed buffs)

-Level 5 Alliance

-Alliance discord for scheduling, in game assistance, and socializing (voice chat is optional)

-A mature, fun, and helpful community

If you are interested in joining us, please apply through the Visiphone in game (search A.R.K. Knights), or interact with this post!

Bumped! We're always looking for new members 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely PSO2 day! Bump

Guess what time it is, ARKS OPs! That's right. the "Join An Alliance" campaign is now active! From January 6th to January 19th, you can join us with added incentive- 100 SG, a star dust cosmetic, and and armor visor accessory are up for grabs!

See detailed info here: https://pso2.com/news/announcements/campaignsjan2021p1

Happy thursday everyone! We've been getting new members lately! Woohoo 😄

Happy weekend all! Let's all get a bunch of gaming in, eh?

The "Join an Alliance" campaign is still active! You can make new friends in the alliance, and get some sg + accessories too! Hope to see you in game 🙂

Howdy ARKS! I hope the weekend has been swell for you all 🙂 Bumped!

Hey hey, bump of the day! We're always looking for new faces in the alliance!

Excited for the new Idola scratch? Bump for fashion!

I'll be taking a hiatus from PSO2, as real life is taking off in a few different directions. I am unsure of how to close a thread, so this message serves as a heads-up. I'd love to see our alliance continue to thrive in my absence, of course. However- I will no longer be around to participate in said group.

@Salvatore Hey! Are you open to discussing merges on Discord or so; I would like to help your active members. Not sure if you will reply, but GL with life, it's hard times atm 😕