I have no choice but to demand Premium time compensation for Disabled Player Trade

I'm not here to be nice. I'm not here to be polite. I'm here because I'm enraged by this game RIPPING ME OFF. Player trade has been disabled for WEEKS now, killing my Premium time and my girlfriend's. We frequently traded with each other, and it was the primary reason we got Premium to begin with. Every other Premium feature is obtainable for free in the game. Player trade is the only real reason to get Premium. And now my Premium has run out without being able to trade things my girl and I intended to trade with each other.

As such, I am DEMANDING that Premium users be compensated for Premium time lost to this error by the developers. A simple Tri-Boost will not cut it for nearly $15 lost because of the devs' mistakes. We deserve to be compensated in Premium time, or given a refund for the AC spent on the Premium, period. Anything else is unethical and dishonest by the devs. This is ridiculous. Get your crap together!

i agree this is rediclious. i only got premium to trade with her. i dont have alot of mony and this was our thig we did together and we love trading with each other i feel ripped off. and a boost i can get in game is not equil compensation. i payed cash and thease boos can be gotten for free. im pissed .

That or make player trade open to ALL players of Level 60 and above. Either way, this is unacceptable, and I will not let it go. This was unethical and dishonest and it's time for the devs to do the right thing.

Give us Rainbow Keys too please!

Look, I'm not greedy like a business is. I don't need "extra" compensation. I just want compensation for exactly what was lost. No more no less. I don't need Rainbow Keys or more Tri-Boosts to add to the hundreds I already have. I don't even want SG or scratch tickets. I just want the Premium time back, day for day, for the time lost between player trading going down and now. Nothing extra. I just want to "balance the checkbook". I'm not into punitive reparations. Just getting what I originally paid for. That's seriously all I'm demanding. No more no less.

They won't. Simply because the capsule machines exist, which can be used as a pho-trading system that costs 1050 Meseta each use.

They definitely should provide adequate compensation for it, because trading is an important paywalled featured, but it is very unlikely that they will provide anything substantial. Can't even get a reason why they take away premium features.

Is there a premium featured that hasn't been disabled yet over the last few months?

@John-Paul-RAGE The only one I can think of is the Premium Tri-Boost. Unfortunately, the player trading is the only one you can't benfit from after Premium expires.

I agree with this because I only got Premium to trade with my husband, I’m always finding cool stuff to give him. Premium doesn’t exactly have a lot of perks compared to other games, disabled trading is a good quarter of our perks lost.

But yes you can use capsule machines still I think, I used that to still get my husband a holiday outfit before Christmas was over.

Guessing people are starting to see why it took 8 years to come west.

Sega must be really really regretting brining the game to the west with these kind of complaints.

@ZENCHI Maybe they should give us the same the Japanese version gets, then. These problems are mostly due to RMT, which JP version stops by banning all China IPs from what many have told me. This means that catering to China is the singular cause of this. Global should do IP bans on China same as the JP version does. Why do devs keep messing up games when they bring them west? Almost seems like an intentional cash grab with no concern for the customer. Why do you defend corporate greed? Most see the problem with this, yet you don't? I mean they already gave INSANE censorship (especially the awful profanity filter which is one of the worst I've ever seen) and shut down the shop for days after nearly every update patch. If we'd simply gotten the JP version translated straight up without changes, only going back versions, none of this would be an issue. The single biggest feature of Premium has been down almost a month. This is ridiculous, and I'm starting to think those who defend them are just paid to do so.

It's not China's fault, there's supply because there's demand. The visiphone is plagued by trash items on top sold at huge ammounts of meseta. Even if they ban China nothing will change because they can use a VPN and be done with it. There's also the Venezuelan problem, 10m meseta = twice the monthly salary of Venezuela, they're also goldselling.

Banning China and Venezuela changes NOTHING. It's OUR playerbase that causes all these issues.

Out of curiosity, what do you use the player to player trading system for that PRE Boxes cannot handle?

I've never used the player to player trading system myself mainly because I forget it even exists.

Premium perks list is quite long https://pso2.com/manual/fundamentals/ac

I personally never traded with another player before - I enjoy the playershop without having to go through all the FUN scratches, premium tri-boost/drinks, more collection folders and crafting slots as well as premium storage. Not to mention they also throw in Mission Gold Pass for global