Please add the Xtremely Hard Explorations we are missing.

At some point in Episode 5 many fields (forest, volcano, etc) got an Xtremely Hard difficulty. In GL, we just kinda skipped over this in favor of Risk Exploration. That's nice and all, but Risk Explorations are unfortunately not in sync with the dailies and frankly, are too time consuming to solo.

Xtremely Hard is a fine middle ground that lets solos or friends join up and do dailies and actually be entertained. One shotting Super Hard enemies for basically no reward is just tedium for tedium's sake and there's no reason to force people to do that when JP had already introduced an alternative.

But... it's also supposed to be in the game so I shouldn't have to write a dissertation to justify this. Just please put them back. Thanks.

I'll second this. I've been looking forward to a more challenging difficulty, Extreme Tokyo and Vegas are fun but too limited with the point quota.

Not just the ones from EP5, some explorations from EP3 as well as some of the ARKS Quests are also missing their XH difficulty.

I'll note the missing XH Explorations in Question are Forest, Volcanic Caves & Coast only.

@Ryoga you mentioned "some explorations/Arks Quests from EP3 were missing their XH difficulty." the only EP3 area that had XH was the Nightfall Province quests.

I think a couple reasons they skipped it was A: the XH Explorations were tied to the Monster Hunter Frontier Z Collab & each area released to further the event. (11/7/2018) Forest XH, (11/14/2018) Volcanic Caves XH, & (11/21/2018) Coast XH. ( JP dates release lines up after EP5 Chapter 6 (released October 24th, 2018) & before DF Persona Urgent Quest (released December 19th 2018) as well as before EP6(released April 24th, 2019)

B: due to the Yellow stones that dropped there for Upgrading Ceres to Ceres Zara (Weapons & Armor) and having to add such an exchange to Nanon (stones for Ceres) & Zig's exchange (upgrade to Ceres Zara) when the current focus is 15*s there wouldn't be a point to add them, so they would need to replace said material or use the stones for an exchange for the Elze outfits & Camos (hopefully). (Alt. idea, include yellow stones to apply to Target: Astracite)

I will admit aside from those facts, there isn't a reason they haven't been added, I had been suspecting they would secretly add it in, but alas here we are. I do agree it does give a good mid-way challenge between SH & UH and should be included with the game.


I wasn't just talking about EP3 ARKS Quests, the Tokyo ARKS Quests are also missing an XH difficulty.

They're not strangers to altering drop tables, they could just get rid of the yellow stones entirely. But adding them to the astracite exchange would be fine too. I really just want the maps.

As for Tokyo, that creates such a weird situation where the expedition has an XH but not their ARKs quests O_o.

Oh, I wasn't aware Tokyo ARKS Quests was missing XH. That should of Released with Tokyo Exploration in EP4.