Bouncer jet boots: Should I only use tech power instead of melee?

Hi all! So I have been maining jet boots for awhile and I use a melee build but lately I've been having second thoughts about that. - It seems like the weapons add tech power no matter what. So when I use switch strike does all the tech power (even the tech power on the weapon) get transferred to melee? I only use jet boots I dont use blades or anything else. I also use a dex mag if that matters. So should I rebuild it to all tech power?


Jet Boots scale off of TEC damage by default so using Switch Strike does not convert TEC to MEL but rather takes everything you have related to MEL and scales off of that instead which allows you to utilize abilities/augments related to MEL damage (or boosts to that such as the Hunter and Fighter with their MEL power boosts).

I would suggest keeping the DEX Mag because Bouncer/Phantom is one of your best combinations for the Jet Boots and they double-dip on the Mag skills (+200 MEL/TEC from the Bouncer and +200 MEL/RNG/TEC from the Phantom) and potentially focus on TEC-related abilities/augments for your affixes on your Jet Boots and units. If you prefer MEL damage then you would perhaps keep Switch Strike but I personally do not use Switch Strike at all on my end.

On my end because I tend to play more of the Successor classes my abilities and affixes tend to be more evenly spread out (all-attack stats boosted equally) when possible but I know that can get very costly and finicky to set up.