What about Deband Sympothy?

Healing Sympathy, Attack Sympathy.. but no Deband Sympathy? Why is that? And what the heck do those buffs do? I've read.. or tried to, up on it only to come across "Increased effectiveness" which doesn't say a thing about it really.

No idea why they don't have an effect for Deband, other than they probably just didn't feel like it/wanted to streamline the skill.

Healing Sympathy doubles your Pet's healing rate, and Attack Sympathy gives your Pet a 120% damage multiplier.

Cool. What would be cool for a Deband sympathy is a 80% damage reduction from envoirmental damage. Like those dratted laser fences in the fleet battle.

there's a roll that augments shifta sympathy to boost a pet's defense by 20%; until recently it was hard to get on this server, but now it's available in the RB5 exchange alongside everything else.

That roll was likely made just so there weren't too many plates to keep spinning on summoner, while still providing a defensive boost.

@NextTime000 Yes, I saw. Got all my summons with 2 rolls installed.