Is it still possible to get Ragol Memories?

I have searched through all the packs on Xbox store and can't find any with Ragol Memories. I understand they got rid of AC tickets which were included in the Ragol pack but did they just not rerelease the Ragol Memories in another way? I am willing to buy them individually with AC if that is possible.

Also, did the US version get the Phantasy Star Zero stuff yet?

No. As far as I know, they removed the Ragol Packs awhile back. The only reason the exchange is still open is likely so people can use the ones they already have still that they haven't used.

Yeah, 5 Ragol Memories are included with the Tails collab pack.

i don't get need to remove DLC. i was saving up for more packs and i missed out on get Neir because pulled from store.