Red Cage Traps

I had one spring on me right before the boss portal and after 15 to 20 minutes had to abandon the quest because wouldn't let my character out. They need fixed because you shouldn't have to be forced quit a mission to leave them.

You can destroy them from the inside using techs and other attacks. If you bring AI-controlled NPCs or Friend Partner Cards, they will attack the cage.

It's not a bug, just poor designing (you can attack it from the inside). If it comes after me, i just leave and let other people deal with it, unless it does that just as i spawn in. This is, from what i have seen, what most people do. Can't blame them. Gehl bulfs, vizbolts and fhangee are the bane of fun. Every day they get in the way of playing the mission, which begs the question: Who came up with this? Cause that person is an asshole.

They are just extra challenges, and not something initially designed to get in the way of your already tedious routine mining and gathering.

I think both gathering and fhangee as separate standalone mechanics are done terribly anyway in the first place.

I did all types of attacks and it wouldn't go away and let me out. I killed all the monsters that spawned in it and still never vanished. I had also 3 npc's with me at the time. This was also on lowest level for the first area. I spent 20 minutes trying to get out and finally had to abandon the mission since was stuck in there with no way out. That sounds like a bug to me

It's not a bug, though it can be a pain if you're lower level. Try using attacks or PAs that do a sweeping attack, if that makes sense. It does have a health bar that should show up on the upper right hand side of your screen, though, to see how much you've damaged it. But it's best if you can try and avoid the red swirls that get your trapped in the cage if you can