Sega of what use you bring the novelty of EP6 if the update brings the fall of users constantly in "Happy Hours" (Emergency quest)? Several of my acquaintances are falling, taking "DC (disconect)" out of nowhere.

In addition to the falls .. another thing less relevant than in my view that it should not necessarily go down is the fact that I send an email asking for a favor if you could get the name of the character I did in the hitoria way that I missed two letters and you Obviously they don't care. Of course! They summed up my problem by showing that if I want to fix this I have to pay something around 4 dollars more than the amount I already spend with the game or just delete it and create it again (simple as that). Another annoying point is the fact that it takes "50 years" to bring the game to America and now we have to swallow everything without chewing it properly (including the Etoille class that doesn't even exist in history it already has for us ... I don't know how. Of course it came because they want to prepare everything for the arrival of the NG without even caring for the story). This saddens me a lot and also a part of the players. I am one of the players who loves to spend money buying new chars and mags. And rarely some "Scratch tickets" but with these negative points it only makes me understand that the company is not even serious about it, but only with the money. I came to write this after taking ONE MORE DC. (thing that happened to me once every 2 months now happens almost once a day) When are you going to fix this? Do you understand that time is too precious to waste with a lack of attention from your company?