Mission pass gold will ticket purchased via sg shop is not working. I am very dissapointed. Please fix this before the end of the week. I have never missed a mission pass since March. The ticket is consumed when I use it at the Mission pass screen to redeem gold tier rewards. Ok. Then when I go to redeem these rewards I get an error message. Following the error message the gold ticket returns to my imventory. Please fix this. I really would like to aquire the female cast wardrobe. Thank you.

This is a documented issue that was addressed in last week's patch notes: https://pso2.com/news/server-info/maintenancenotes1223

Basically, the Mission Pass Gold Ticket is bugged, and you need to get rid of it before you can properly unlock the Gold Tiers.

Go to Swap Shop 2 and trade your Mission Pass Gold Ticket back for 200SG, then you can unlock the Gold Tier by trying to accept a Gold Tier reward, at which point it will prompt you to unlock it directly with SG.

@AndrlCh tytytytytyty. Ok got it