Gold sellers and RMTers are breaking the visiphone lol

In red, top sellers which made it into the list by being items sold and purchased by gold sellers.


Can't this be tracked and ban the sellers too?

People do this on FFXIV to transfer gil between characters. It's a legit strategy due to not being able to trade between characters on that game. But it would be nice on this game to crack down on it

Since you have a ship-wide bank that you can transfer money/items between your characters on your account.

Unlike FFXIV.

"Can't this be tracked and ban the sellers too?" Yes it could. And they could have done a million things to prevent it to the current extent in the first place. Nothing gonna happen, move on.

There is no evidence that those r the result of RMT.

Some affixing r very expensive, and those items r probably dropped with said affixings, thus sold for higher than usual price.

Looking at material tabs with 1m+ red meat or 10m+ seasonal weapon camo (which normally priced under 100k), that's where stronger hints on RMT.

Also another thing is the GM's said multi account was ok on NA so maybe those players are transfering weekly meseta.