Seriously? There is not enough stamina for anyone to do this entire event for that whole hour!? -... is there?





There is not enough stamina for anyone to do this entire event for that whole hour!?

There isn't. The hour is just to give people more chance to fit it in between quests or non-PSO2 activities.

Your league is cross-character, so you can use your alts to take part in the same league. This means everyone gets at least 30 fishing attempts with more for extra characters and any fishing stamina drinks that are bought along (though I'm thinking those won't be too useful as fevers tend to end around the time it takes to do 10 fishings).

Great if fishing was actually fun in this game

Gotta agree with Milk. I don't care much for the harvesting or fishing in PSO2. I won't be bothering to make it for this league.

Even fishing once would be some of the easiest 10 SG you could make, but if you hate it that much there's nothing wrong with that. As someone who desperately needs SG, I would just ask that you be online during the league windows to help fill out the leagues with non-competitors so more people who do want to do it get different leagues and therefore get more SG overall. 👍

Yah, but to think that they could of come up with something more creative, This is just ,, I dunno - It seems more like some last minute desperate decision of what would be a Blase watered down mediocre idea. I mean - there really wasn't that much thought put into this. It was more like.. " We need some sort of filler... - Just put in fishing and be done with it."

I prefer fishing ARKS league over killing 1000s of mobs to get ranked - takes alot less time too.

Knowing little tricks to improve your chances basically guarantees tops 3 without having to use stamina recovery items.


to think that they could of come up with something more creative

...what? Nobody saw a fishing contest coming. How can you possibly suggest this is less original than running mindless loops around Bewitched Woods for 20-90 minutes 7+ times in a week for a third time?

Oh I don't know, Maybe something similar to what PSO Blue burst would have? Im talking about , when you get to do a run in a specific area and suddenly, you run into a Super Rare rappy?

What part of that is a league?

Come now, you dissapoint me, anything that you need to do to either Procusre, Terminate and in this case, it would be a "Rare elimination order"? Really now, I thought you would have more imagination than that.

So- to put things into perspective, ( This is NOT a Leauge activity by any means, But It can be.) - You start your leauge- right.. You are given specifics as to what general area you are looking for these "TYPES OF RAPPIES", Once they are captured.. You will have to move on to the next area. ( Mind you , a Timer could be set up to make things more interesting, when the timer runs out, that's it.) So- Yah, just an example , Or idea - I'm sure you could come up with someting. Also BTW.. Just like in Blue Burst- when you Take down said rarity of rappie , you are also rewarded with a SUPER RARE item that will drop.


Come now, you dissapoint me [snip] Really now, I thought you would have more imagination than that.

In which case you disappoint me, because running the same map over and over to force the rare rappy of the season to spawn is not only a purposefully boring gameplay loop but one this series has done before - not only was it boring in Blue Burst as you explain but it became such an industry in Universe that we worked out how enemy spawns worked and included ways to tell if the quest would have rare enemies on the wiki.

My question came not from lack of imagination in knowing how "get more lucky spawns and/or abuse design knowledge more than other people" could be a contest, but from sheer disappointment that you thought this tedium would worth making one out of.

We already focus on rare killing for 95% of the game as is. Don't need a league that is basically a pso2 day rappy hunt spamming a map praying a rare spawn comes up and praying rng drops only locked to 1-1.5hours of grind.

Fishing is not what I'd expect but at least it's different. Though I wish there was some limiting factor to it other than who has the most fishing/harvest refills. But for some free and easy SG that's fine. At least it's not luck based on getting a good map and pse bursts at the right moment and then wonder why you fell behind the top player by 1000+ mobs.

I find fishing and gathering in this game almost the worst I’ve seen and it’s a disappointment because I love to gather and fish in games. It’s simply not fun here but it’s still easier SG. I don’t know, I’ll see how it goes. It could end up being a boring chore with a good reward at the end but imagine if fishing was actually fun, time would fly!

I wonder and hope NGS has something different. I like using different fishing methods, different bait and actually reeling in a fish.

It’s a nice change of pace from monster slaying, at least.

I think my favorite part about this event is how it uses obviously cut+paste text from the falspawn/supernatural ARKS League announcement about how you should do this via urgent quests.

alt text

Yeah Luther, I know you wanna kill me, but can you hold on? I bet there's some real big fish in here I wanna catch first.