Your bot issue has been ignored FAR too long SEGA, its time you act already.

Bare minimum auto silence anyone who spams the loud noise with the same message more than 2x within 1 minute, or remove that stupid "feature" Entirely.

Think of the savings!

unfortunately the work around to that would be the bots altering the text by a letter or symbol & you do have access to 50 different shortcuts.

Honestly I don't see it that much different from Phantasy Star Universe where several players would spam what they're selling for this or that or having space in rare missions among other things all within in the popular areas. You'd have like 20 people constantly shouting over & over.

However the main difference between the games though is, to access the player shops in PSU was actually visiting the player's room to buy the items vs here where you simply access it a terminal in the lobby & none of the above spammers were for RMT, however that would probably be because PSU cost $10 a month to play.

I'd also like to take note of a dedicated player CandyHaiyang who created a topic purely to reporting bots which was has reached a count of 741 different bot accounts created as of the end of December. Just the fact the there has been that many bots to report is a serious issue. Honestly can something be done about them before we see this number hit 4 digits?

Though not a great solution I know the JP client had a OTP - One Time Password as an optional setting. If PSO2 were to enforce the OTP for login, what are your thoughts on this?