Where can I farm Novel Gunblade?

I see I can make a Rivalate weapon as a gunblade then swap it to a Katana for my Br free at Zig/Zieg, but I am short on the medals to buy from vendor, how do I farm a Novel Gunblade for materials? I either have, or know how to farm everything else.

@ZeeHero9271 A few months ago they were very very rare drops from the first ultimate quests (e.g. Naverious), but I'm not sure if more/better sources have been added since. If you select a quest and choose the "item log" option you can see the frequency of recent drops across all 4 ships.

Just to note, the drop rate in ultimates was so low that you'd honestly be better off farming 600 Rising Weapon Badge 5s than farming ults. Doing Xia's first client order (kill 30 enemies) grants you 5 badges per day which means you can get 15/day super easy across your 3 free characters. And Xia's last client order (complete Xmas UQ) grants 10 badges/day, though it takes a little bit to unlock it so I just do that on my main.

I've also gotten 16-20 RWB5s each time I complete the Christmas UQ on UH and the FF shop has been selling triggers for SG pretty frequently as of late. And if you haven't yet, you can also get badges at certain levels of the current mission pass.

Ultra Hard Profound Darkness also drops Novel weapons, both the MPA and Solo versions of the quest. But just like Rang said, the drop rates are so low you're better off farming RWB5 before you can see a Novel drop.

Xmas on Ice and Xia's Client Orders aren't the only ways to get RWB5 nowadays, pretty much any UQ that has UH available (outside of PD and I think Mining Base: VR Training?) can drop RWB5.

@Meikoloid Good to know about Novel in UH PD and that RWB5s drop in most of the UH UQs; thanks for the info!