Character Level Reset to 1?

Good evening, I was a beta tester when the first closed beta was released. I had played throughout the beta everyday with a total of 17 hours of gameplay, completed, and attended all the events and raids. I just logged in today hearing about the open beta; when I got to the character selection screen it said that my character was Level 1. I was sure that my character was at least level 35-45 right before the closed beta ended (Not too sure). At first, I believed it was for everyone who participated in the beta, however, my friends logged in to find out they all retained their levels, equipment, and skills. I hope that someone could explain or help me resolve the issue!

Did you check the Class Counter to see if you changed classes before the end of the CBT? Each class has its own level.

Also, if you went into a shared ship (For PvP or Survival), you get changed to a special class that gets set to level 1 every time you enter the shared lobby.