Mission Pass Goild tickets consumed with nothing to show for it

So that Mission Pass bug where you need to swap the ticket out for SG and enable Gold Rewards through SG...I wasn't aware of it the other day and tried to unlock Gold rewards through the Mission Pass details page itself, since using them from my inventory wasn't doing anything, and not only did it still not work, I actually had two of my three tickets consumed with nothing to show for it. I didn't realize what happened and about the swap shop band-aid fix until after the fact.

Has this happened to anyone else? And for anyone that's contacted support about it, did you get compensated in any way? Those tickets came from a 90 Day Premium set that I just got, so I feel like I just got gipped out of my money and 400 SG.bolded text

Same here kinda, Ive made an alternate post that describes my experience on this matter in full.