Option to rejoin quest midway when you're disconnected

Living in a 3rd world country is a painful experience, and having an unstable internet connection just add the salt to the wound. When I'm in solo UQ, just in the last phase of the boss, the God of Fortune turn her back towards me and my router decided to slap me in the face by RTO'ing my connection. Yep, i'm salty. SEGA MUST add an option to rejoin quest if the player is disconnected, and not just in expedition, but all quest, even urgent one. It's not a rocket science, I still don't know why they haven't implemented it.

Yeah, this would be really nice. Or like a sudden game crash (I'm upgrading my computer soon, but it's not doing great right now). Just a 5-10 minutes grace period would be amazing.

It nice if they did. Other day used a bonus key and just entered the area when kicked me from the server.