Remove the Arena

As we all know the PSO2's server is located at NA originally, so obviously people who is from NA or the local areas will have the most advantages in the arena duo to the low ping against people from further away countries. Which is very "Global" unfriendly as the arena in PSO2 was designed to be played only within jp anyways. My suggestion is removing the arena and add other ways of earning SGs that anyone can participate in without worrying about their 3-4 digits ping ruining their gaming experience.

From my research from many games I've played with servers all over the place, average ping from America to Japan is anywhere in the range of 200-350ms. South to North america is between 170-200ms. South America to EU is around 250ish and I assume NA to EU is slightly lower than that. Considering anything over 200 is where things start feeling "laggy", I've come to the conclusion that basically everyone in an mpa/battle arena has a decent amount of lag unless everyone in it is sitting right next to the host/server.

Only advice I can give is to either turn a blind eye to the pvp or to embrace the lag and adapt to it (I didn't see an stable connection until I was already a man). Removing an entire game mode is never a good option.

Also, the Arena isn't the only way to earn SG.

@Qruis you are not considering the type of connection they use that also affects the ping but yeah everyone suffers a certain degree of lag and the delay is mostly affected by how far they are from the server.

also Sega clearly showed up no interest in doing anything with the pvp, that's why we have only 1 mode after all players showed up negative response over it so you can expect that in the future this mode will disappear.

I appreciate the battle arena for the silly fun that it is despite it's flaws. Undoubtedly there is some improvement that could be put into the game mode, but I do not think it is a priority. It's something our group does weekly with a bunch of us at once so we can play with each other and murder each other for our weekly SG. I can understand why any solo players might not enjoy PvP as much. If anything my suggestion for PvP would be to allow private lobbies to acquire battle points. But that alone would leave the door open for win trading, which is not fun and not something I want to see.