A request for main site announcements

Good morning, good afternoon, and good night fellow players.

I want to request that announcements, such as scratch tickets, UQ schedule, campaigns, and events to be posted at least two days before they come out. For instance, post a new scratch on Monday instead of Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning.

I like to plan out how and what I spend my meseta and AC on. Thank you for reading ❤

That'd be nice and sometimes they do post a little early but I've learned whoever handles the social media stuff here is really bad at communicating in general.

I think it's gotten a little worse over the festive period. The previous FUN scratch that's just ended was missed out on the website altogether which I think was a first. So it could just be they're operating at a reduced capacity during the holidays, in which case it'd be a bit more understandable.

@Miraglyth I didn't even consider that. If so I apologize and wish them a happy new years

Half the time they announce a fun scratch to be release in a day or so and the items that it lists as "new" are already available to get before it says it's going to update. I have better luck just checking the prize list manually then waiting for an announcement.

@Vexation About half of FUN Scratch prizes overlap two runs, that's why it looks like there is little change between them.

Yes, FUN scratches operate on overlapping halves. Each time it changes over, around half the content leaves to be replaced by something else. Everything lasts two FUN scratch sets.

This includes hairstyles, eyelashes, body paints and accessories (half stay, half new), furnishings and room themes (generally little to no overlap and everything fully changes every second FUN update), music discs (approximately half stay, half new) and emotes (always exactly one stay, one new).

Thank you so much for posting it today. ❤