The Newman Girl with the Short Red Hair

I wasn't sure whether to ask here or in Community -> General Discussion. Going with here since its a lil clearer its a character at least. ;~)

So I know that the main male character is "Ash". Which if I recall correctly is who they are because its typically Sega's default testing char for anything and everything.

Of all the different versions, posters, etc. the only char I can't begin to place a name for is the short red hair newman char. Like right here on the forum's banner! She seems to be the default female of the game. I don't suppose its "Ashley"?! ;0 ;~)

Thanks in ye olde advance.

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Her name is Sue, if I'm not mistaken. There is a list of names for all of the characters that are in the PVs you see when you log in and stuff, too (but be aware that this site is in Japanese)

Here are the translates names from a combination of the images found on that site, though, with some additional characters, too:

@Irisundone That is awesome.

Thank you so much for the refs!! 😻

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They are all named after previous characters in the Phantasy Star Online / Universe series

@Vashzaron The Luster representatives are also named after characters from Phantasy Star Zero though I cannot recall if that game has any particular connection with Phantasy Star Online or Phantasy Star Universe.