Xia client order (Christmas) help

Does anyone have any tips on where to find the monsters for the Christmas Event client orders the easiest.

I think they all show up in the Christmas UQ. They might not all spawn in the same instance, though, so you might have to run it a few times to get them all.

You can run the Christmas UQ 3 times while its up if you are fast enough, that will increase the chances of the target mobs showing up.

A Sudden Chrismas Carol, any quest. Usually, I do Rush Practice: Harukotan time attack quest.

For Falspawn in the Night: Go to Time Attack Quests on normal and do the following:

  1. Select Running Maneuvers: Naverius 1, and clear out the first area. Then head down/south path of the map. You will run into Gwanda. Defeat him and abort/exit the quest.
  2. Select Rush Practice: Dark Vestiges, and go through the left telepipe and the right telepipe. The left will have Bryu Rigngahda, and the right will have Zeshraider.

Rappy Rings Twice!? - Just have to be lucky to find one in any quest. High chance in the Chrismas UQ

A Haunted Mansion: Rush Practice: Harukotan time attack for Gal Gryphon. And the others guess you have to do the expeditions Forest and Floating Facility.

@Anthro-Cheetah Outside of enemies like the Gal Gryphon and the Zeshraider (I do not recall encountering them there), you can run the lowest difficulty version of first Endless Quest and hopefully encounter a lot of those bosses and enemies through that as well if you wanted to try and get through most of that in a single run, but this would not be so great for the client orders where you have to fight specific enemies in order to unlock the next client orders where you fight the next set of enemies.

I personally use this to quickly clear quests I have in queue that involve fighting large enemies and some of these count for the Bingo Card as well if that is still something you are aiming to complete.

But you have a number of other sources of finding some of these enemies without having to step into the Exploration Quests as well (except for potentially Zeshraider as I do not recall where else I can easily spot one outside of the Time Attacks and Free Field Exploration Quests).