Connection suddenly garbage in December?

Lot of updates, and since Cyberpunk came out, I havent been playing much PSO2 since then (so time stamp around Dec 9th).

I've been logging on to collect daily orders and such, but ive been trying to play for a couple days now (finishing that mission pass and bingo card!) and HOLY crap, what a garbage connection!

Nothing has changed on my end. Holidays usually mean heavier load on ISP, but im still pulling 25+MB down and 7-10MBup (my paid down service is 100MB down, but holidays and all).

Nothing's changed on my end... so what gives? Getting a like of disconnects and whole seconds with hitting and no damage. Spent like 5 seconds beating on a blue crate before it finally popped.

Was there any server notifications I missed? I know they disabled mission gold pass, but didnt see anything about load or server updates.

Working for an ISP, have you noticed anything in particular at home that could affect your performance? It's possible for exemple at 100 mb/s if someone download, another member use netflix and you play PSO2 that it will cause major slow-down or disconnection (since you modem will try to push more than it can handle).

Plus, the ISP should ALWAYS provide your plan. if you're supposed to have 100mb/s and they do not provide it whatsoever, you can always call them and they will have to fix it no matter what or at least give you a credit.

In any case, I do have 100mb/s and 25 mb/s upload and I can garantee you that I never crashed a single time on my side. I suggest you call your ISP as they can check if anything at home would use internet and download something. (psst, if you have an Xbox one SHUT IT DOWN this console is patching like 24/7 and my client always have slow down because of this console -_- if you are playing on your Xbox one however, you might want to limit your download speed or something if possible)

Anyways, Hope that helps or give you some idea on how to work around your issue in order to solve it but you should DEFINITELY NOT have any problem playing PSO2 if there is NOTHING ELSE using your internet connection.

@Kate-Marsh Thank you for your reply.

I live alone, with my PC physically connected (no wifi).

Sometimes I might have a youtube video open on the other monitor, sometimes not. The only other thing sucking down bandwidth would be Discord. Overally, fairly singular net use. I do pull 100MBs, but not during peak hours (just the nature of bandwidth, and why every ISP advertises "speeds UP TO 100MB/s).

As in the OP, nothing tech or behavior has changed on my end. Ive been playing PSO since it came to Steam, and have seen maybe 2-3 630errors. However, since Dec, the connection is garbage/awful. 630error every hour or two with frequent game activity freezes (me getting stuck in technique cast or moving round shooting and no damage). Even back in June, July, etc, i had discord up and the occasional youtube vid but no issues.

Seems pretty clear its a lack of data coming from the PSO2servers.

When i looked at resmon to see what the TCP was doing, the latency was a solid 40-60ms, and packet loss at 0. Not eating much bandwidth, but occasionally packet loss would spike to 100%, as if the PSO2 servers crapped themselves for 2-4 seconds, then pick back up.

If anyone has any technical knowledge about what could be going one, I'd appreciate it (this is about the limit of my knowhow here).