Boost Week SADS :(

Hi there. I'm going to preface my post with some stuff.

Every major event (excluding PSO2 Day) hosted by SEGA on this game has always started on a Wednesday morning (sometimes after maintenance) and ended up Tuesday evening. Every single one since this game launched.

SEGA posted this boost event with dates of 23-29, so I assumed the 23rd when the game came up to midnight on the evening of the 29th, since it said 12:00, considering that lines up perfectly with everything SEGA has ever done with these events since the history of this game existing.

It was also accompanied with a support scratch, and every scratch has started/ended on a tuesday night slash wednesday morning since the creation of this game, and the current support scratch is STILL AVAILABLE.

So I made plans to farm up as much money as I could so I could make some super awesome units. I planned out a recipe. I farmed the excubes. I bought the capsules. I was gonna barely be able to scrape it after I did my meseta farming today, so... I log in, do my meseta farming, and am ready to go, and BOOST WEEK IS GONE.

What the everloving crap? I go and check, it said 23-29 for the event dates, and it said midnight, but it meant midnight at the START of the 29th and not the END of the 29th.

Considering that we occasionally get mistranslations and typos and incorrect images (looking at you, Seana Leathers [In]), and considering how every single event they've ever hosted flipped on a tuesday evening... I think it's absolutely reasonable for me to think that I had today to make use of this boost week.

I'm really upset about this because I put in lots of prepwork and was totally looking forward to having my units all nice and shiny today, and now I can't do it without seriously risking all of it failing.

I don't even know where to go or what to do about this, it really makes me not want to play this game right now. Am I being unreasonable here?

I wish I could go back and change my answers on my survey to ask them to please be consistent with events. I don't even wanna finish my dailies today. This really has me bummed.

I must admit I was completely thrown by this as well. I generally though it would run to weekly reset like every other campaign, same as the item support scratch, and even though technically it says so on the website, I’m pretty annoyed about it

I think it's understandable for you to be frustrated, using the time as 12:00AM can be confusing since it can mean two things. I think it would be fair for people to assume that means it would end tonight.

Agreed. I recommend adding a minute to the times to avoid confusion .

@Ranmaru said in Boost Week SADS 😞:

I think it's understandable for you to be frustrated, using the time as 12:00AM can be confusing since it can mean two things. I think it would be fair for people to assume that means it would end tonight.

Login rewards: Ending: 12/30 03:00 AM (America/New_York)

Client orders: Ending: 01/06 03:00 AM (America/New_York)

Urgent quest: Ending: 01/06 03:00 AM (America/New_York)

Login Sg rewards: Ending: 01/06 03:00 AM (America/New_York)

Holiday concert: Ending: 01/06 03:00 AM (America/New_York)

Affix Boost: Ending: 12/29, 12:00 AM (PST)

The affixing boost announcement is the only one on the page converted to PST. In the spirit of Dudu, it’s a massive troll.

I was legit spending nearly 50 million meseta on augment fodder to try and get at least one of my units affixed with mana reverie. Midnight rolled around, and the boost "week" was gone. I guess we barely got it for 6 days, and it doesn't even make sense as to why "boost week" ended right then, rather than tonight. It really bummed me out. I wasted my entire night trying to figure out affixing, and getting lucky/unlucky with a few affixes, and now there isn't any point in doing it. I failed an expensive/easy affix making a 6slot field boss soul + reverie catalyst after midnight rolled around. It may have failed anyways, since I had it fail already once, but it still hurts.

I have a very good friend off PSO2 for the Christmas break with her grand patients. Feels so bad for her.

It ending "early" took me by surprise as well.

I am super fortunate however. Was planning on doing most big final affixing yesterday but ended up going hard on sunday and finished the main and important stuff. I did however go today to do some extra stuff for later but was only when I saw the standard percentages I realised it had ended. So it was only my extra "greed" stuff I missed out on so I really cant complain about that - feel a big phew though.

I had the thought that I wonder if other people caught out by this and this thread confirms that πŸ˜•

I even relogged at the time to check it wasnt a bug, seemed so odd it ending 24hr before usual.

EDIT: Imo just save your stuff to affix next boost we get (if expensive) and throw something else together in meantime.

This is why you do everything asap. Market can easily go down out of nowhere thanks to "dupes" with no eta on when it comes back. Waiting to do anything in this game at the last second is asking for disaster.

If nothing else, you can try and see if they bring the sg support scratch. That has 60% aids on it, which is the equivalent of 45% aid + 15% boost.

If you ask me just wait for the next boost week event, problem solved.

@Star-Platinum While I agree that that's great advice in general, I also think it's reasonable to avoid wasting scarce resources until you've exhausted all meseta and ex-cube farming options during the week.

And I think this is particularly reasonable given that I don't think anyone was expecting another (and better) boost week so soon after the last one*. This means many folks needed to farm more ex-cubes than usual and were probably hurting on meseta too. So even if they wanted to do things asap, it may not have been as feasible as during past boost weeks.

Personally, I had a goal of upslotting 6 weapons to 8-slots for their SAF and had only saved up 2k cubes since the last boost week. I farmed solo PD for more cubes throughout the week but was only able to succeed on 4 of 6 upslots by the day before I thought boost week was ending. My plan was to farm a few more UQs for cubes before resigning myself to burning through Rising Weapon Badges (for more 40% aug aids) and eventually my 45% AAs which I was trying to save for endgame unit affixes. Obviously, I have only myself to blame for not reading the ending time more carefully. However, I don't think it's wrong to hold off on last ditch efforts until the last full day of boost week 6 days (especially efforts not dependent on the player shops).

*Prior boosts were once an Ep before the start of a new Ep, so I think it was rational (in a Bayesian updating of beliefs sense) to expect to have until the end of Jan or Feb for Ep 6 pt 2 and/or the road to Luster.