Option to remove free field boss intros/death scene

Or expeditions whichever you prefer to call them.

I feel at this point that they are only just to be rushed since no XH etc, even with it's pretty tiring after years + 6 episodes + NA release and it's updates to still see the "dramatic" intro of bosses that'll die in 5 seconds and then have the camera snatched to show a close up of their death and our directional controls to reflect that based on where we are when we kill them.

I just want to get in and get out. So if possible I think it should be made so that on area 3 the boss spawns automatically so that when you enter the teleporter it's already there ready to fight. And when you beat it disable the camera panning so that we can more easily leave the area.

For newer players it'll be okay the first time but afterwards there should be an option to disable it.

I like this idea. Maybe not to disable them entirely, but have a way to skip it after it begins. If nothing else, it'll help lower level characters get out from under bosses before they land on them.

@Alexia I wonder if anyone has ever died to a bosses corpse falling on them? Heh.