Ultimate Booster Nerf?

Has anyone else noticed that the drop rate for ultimate boosters from the Christmas event has been floored since the last update? I used to get 1-3 out of every UQ, sometimes I would get none, but I would almost always get at least one. Now I have not got a single one in 36 runs since the last update. This essentially made this UQ worthless since you don't even get enough 10 stars from ? items to make money or get excubes. It's a complete loss if you appraise them even from Ultra Hard which is ridiculous.

EX Cubes drop directly in fairly large numbers from this.

@VoreTechz 10* weapons turned into grinders =12k. Subtract the indentify fee (not all need it) and you still make a decent profit off if running Christmas on ice 3x in 30 minutes. Plus the occasional 14* that eventually sells for 200k+ and 13* that sells for 35-55k+ (with enough patience to allow it to sit in your shop a while. I spend 20k/ quest on premium boost and I still make a decent profit off of every UQ/trigger quest. I gave up on selling 10-12* weapons in my shop in the last few weeks (episode 6 dropped) but I made even more then by selling 10* to other players.

John sega please the ultimate booster exchange...

@Rawthorne No, you don't. I get 1-2 10 stars per 3 runs. I spend like 80K apprasing them and I make 12-24K. It's a complete loss every time. It's terrible. I have lost so much money testing it and just stopped. I appraise 13-15 stars and huck the rest.

@VoreTechz Not sure what you are doing or just have terrible luck. I'm premium, run in 4 man parties, use alliance rare item boost, use 20k drinks, and a triboost 50/100 on every quest. On UQ/triggers on hardest difficulty I always end up making a profit.

@Rawthorne I'm using the exact same. I always get all 7-9 star weapons. It's the only UQ this happens in.

I simply ignore non rainbows until round 3. I made plenty meseta selling rare 13 and 14s.

I've not noticed a drop in ultimate booster rates. I've been getting them roughly the same as always.

Btw I npc all the 9* and below as I don't need the salvage to help mitigate my losses

@CalvinaCoulange Maybe I am just incredibly unlucky all the sudden then. The timing was strange and coincided exactly with the last update and everyone else in my alliance was complaining about it too. They just all ignore the UQ now and do MBVR or Profound Darkness UH solo because they are not wastes of time and give consistently good loot.

Well tomorrow when I'm home I'll track my results and post here for you on this UQ.

@Rawthorne Yeah, I do too. But it's not much. I usually just sell them to partially cover my premium drink costs.

@CalvinaCoulange Some of the 13 and 14 stars are worth it if they happen to get 8 slot and have a good SAF. Most of them are not even worth putting on the shop for me. I just break them all down if they are not worth more than 500K.

Another tip I've found is check every weapon for 8 slots. They ALL sell irregardless of how rare they are.

@VoreTechz RE: Christmas UQ being worthless, keep in mind that it also drops a lot of unique and rising weapon badges. I get anywhere from 16-20 RWB5s each run on UH and you can always downgrade them to RWB1s at a 1:16 rate and then exchange for Nox weapons which can be broken down into Ex-cubes. Nox weapons cost 20 RWB1s which means each Xmas UQ run grants on average 13 Ex-cubes in the form of RWB5 drops alone.