Missing something basic - Afin order Outbreak

I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how to do this mission. I figure it must be something really basic that I'll need to know going forward, so I'm hoping someone here can tell me what I'm missing. It's one of Afin's client orders with the name Outbreak. I'm told to "Clear suppress Phongrulf". Once I take the mission I go straight to the tunnel and choose Forest Exploration for level 20 and above. I get to the planet and find plenty of grulfs and phongrulfs (space panthers and bigger space panthers). I kill plenty of both and my client order under missions still says I've killed 0/1. I've gone through the entire forest exploration three times and killed countless Phongrulf. I'm sure this isn't meant to be a challenge since it seems to be a tutorial misson.

Could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

I'd really appreciate it!


After 26 hours of playtime and MANY runs through the forest decimating the Phongrulf population, I finally figured this out. "Suppress Phongrulf" is a mission from the woman at the quest counter named Rebecca. You need to select Sub-Missions (?) -> ARK Missions and then you'll see "Suppress Phongrulf" I'm getting so hooked on this game, but it can be perplexing to me so far. The systems are pretty complicated.

Still, I can't stop playing this! I'm so glad the open beta launched when it did. Talk about good timing!

I appreciate you posting this! I couldn't figure out why it wasn't completing.

There's so much to learn, but I'm loving the game!

@ShinChuck No problem!

I figured that I couldn't be the only one out there who had this question, so when I found out how to do it (on my own) I thought it'd be at least good to post the solution.

I'm still finding a lot of the game system inscrutable, (even things that should be simple) but I'm having so much fun with it that I don't care. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting through it and really having a good time so far.

I find that you get faster responses to questions here: Home->Community->General Discussion->New Recruits! Have a question? Post it here!

The veteran players have been extremely helpful.

Holy shoot, I was looking for that for a day, thank you for posting this

@PvtMcmullan said in Missing something basic - Afin order Outbreak:

Holy shoot, I was looking for that for a day, thank you for posting this

No problem at all! This game is so much fun, but it can be perplexing.

I remember the arks quests being first in the list, and exploration quests being second on the list.

You used to have to complete all of the arks quests before unlocking the expedition quests. I don't know why they changed that.