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 When I first started playing I head the term "Fashion is endgame." With NGS seemingly around the corner that seems to be more truer than not.   As I was finally getting an idea on affixes to get for my Summoner, a thought occurred to me; if I plan on hanging out in NGS for a majority of the time, what's the point? The Summoner isn't one of the classes that will offered in the beginning, but even then, nothing but the costumes that I've gathered will transfer over as everyone will basically start from zero (and yes, I understand why). I know that you will be able to xfer between the two games, but how often do you think that option will be used? Do you see yourself going back and forth much at all? *Telepathy skill activated*......Give me your thoughts!


I'll probably be playing NGS more so, since one of my friends doesn't want to play the base game at all. As for "Fashion is end-game." This is also true for one of the most popular MMORPGs on the current market: Final Fantasy XIV.

Why do I compare FFXIV and PSO2 so much? They're both Japanese developed MMOs, which is probably the rarest thing in terms of MMOs. With most MMOs being developed by Korean or Chinese companies.

I'm one of those wait and see people. Likely I will "new toy" with NGS for awhile but I'll get Nostolgic for PSO and remember I'm powerful there at least. And I play with my Fiance primarily so I'll likely stay more on whichever one he's on. So it could be NGS, or PSO2, or switching back and forth. I'll need to see how much I like it.

I plan on playing Force in NGS so I’m not inclined to spend a lot of meseta on my gear, just enough to get by.

Fashion is all I’m buying. Camos, clothes, accessories and any of the super long hairstyles.

Disclaimer: I haven't watched/read too much about NGS yet, so this is a rather uninformed opinion.

That being said, I definitely plan on trying out NGS when it launches. However, I envision myself going back to PSO2 due to the sheer volume of content it will have (especially endgame solo stuff) and my enjoyment of the gameplay (perfect attacks, my mag spamming megid, movement PAs, etc.). I just have a feeling it'll be jarring for myself and many others who have only played the global version to suddenly be on a release schedule much closer to what JP has experienced for the last 8 years. So my guess is that, after the first month or two, I'll be playing PSO2 more and logging into NGS for weekly resource grinding. However, I may be way off in terms of the replayability of NGS at launch! Looking forward to the new story content and open world all the same 🙂

@Rang-Dipkin said in Looking for opinions:

I envision myself going back to PSO2 due to the sheer volume of content it will have (especially endgame solo stuff)

It might be worth mentioning that this'll only apply for the next few months, because they've stated there's no plans to add a new PSO2 episode or anything like that, so once you get tired of the Ep6 content NGS will be the only place to really get new content.

Anyway, I'll probably keep playing both to some extent, even if my time in PSO2 is mainly just to make sure I get some SG from PSO2 weekly stuff (as SG is shared across both). I kind of wonder though since NGS is basically just a block that you transfer to, if it'll even eventually have its own PVP at all or if PSO2 PVP and NGS PVP will be the same thing.

I've definitely stopped caring a whole ton about my augments/etc though, since fashion's mostly the thing to care about. It's probably worth mentioning though that since you'll probably want to be using the better NGS graphics items, you'll probably want to spend most of your money on accessories vs clothing items, since using clothes locks you into that type of clothing/bodypaint but accessories can just be mixed+matched however you want.

Content updates will probably take a lifetime for NGS, PSO2 will give you something to do while waiting forever for new content.

@Akonyl I hear ya and agree that new PSO2 content isn't likely after the timeline you stated. I was thinking more in terms of stuff I haven't fully explored because I've prioritized dailies and UQs to keep up with the content schedule.

For example, I still haven't finished a solo lap of either Endless quest, haven't gone deep on Omega Masquerade (at like 40) and hear we'll get another one, have never organized a run for Challenge Mode, have only played like 4 classes for real (besides power leveling for lvl75 bonus), haven't played the new Extreme Quests much and hear we'll get more, haven't had a chance to play the new Ultimate quest yet, still have a number of Running Maneuvers quests that are untouched, would like to go back and S-rank a couple Story Quests on Hardcore that I missed, am guessing there will be some solo stuff I'll want to do in Divide Quests, etc.

Point is to simply play PSO2 for PSO2, if you enjoy it for it's base game play. That's what I'm setting out to do. I fear that the PSO2 will be in a major lull when NGS is here, and that might mean I may not be able to play with as much people as I can now. So best I take this opportunity and play PSO2 to the fullest. I also have not fully played PSO2 to the fullest, and this is my chance to do so.

Honestly? I have barely any interest in NGSas well as not liking a bunch of changes despite them being straight up upgrades I'm the kind of person who likes D&D 3.5/Pathfinder and older over 5e BECAUSE it's number crunch hell for exemple and see myself still playing pso2 quite a lot even if it's just old content. I'll dabble in NGS a bit of course and might end up liking it of course, but I'll still spend lots of time on pso2.

Im looking forward to when the PSO2 content speedrun stops so I can chill and work on things easier and check out all the stuff Ive not had much time to do. Also plan on putting time into NGS of course, probably moreso when its first out then back to PSO2. But no real plans or anything.

No shortage of content between the two for ages (for me) so Im good all round.

I don't fall inline with the camp of "NGS is almost here so doing anything is pointless" because there's absolutely no way NGS is going to launch with a comparable amount of content. NGS as far as we know isn't meant to replace PSO2. It exists along side it for a reason. So I just don't get why people think meaning is gone with pso2 now.

Also what we've seen of NGS so far is showing a level cap of 15. Whether that's just a demo cap, open beta cap, or release cap.. I don't imagine you can get a whole lot done with only 15 levels.