PSO2 won't start /play with PS4 Controller plugged in

So I tried playing PSO2 as usual with my PS4 controller plugged in via the ps4 usb cable. Suddenly upon starting up the game, the screen is perpetually locked in "Not Responding". I then tried starting the game without the PS4 controller plugged in, and the game started normally.

However, the moment I plugged the controller in again while ingame, the game outright starts hanging again and won't run. What do I do about this issue?

Phantasy Star Online 2 12_28_2020 10_43_59 AM.png

Are you using DS4Windows or any third-party program that handles the PS4 controller? If so, I'd recommend uninstalling them and trying to run the game without those services/programs running.

@coldreactive I use the controller via Steam actually. Via some "big window mode" or something.

In short I wasn't using any third party software to make the PS4 Controller work. I've been able to use them via Steam for a long time until yesterday where the aforementioned issues happened (restarting the Laptop didn't work. Reinstalling the game didn't work. "Check Files" doesn't solve it either)

Okay. It turns out PSO2 isn't the only game that had that issue when I searched up this issue if it also affects other Steam games. I then followed some particular steps and now the game works and won't crash with the controller connected