What happens: get stuck with permanent spinning circle that doesn't allow me to do ANYTHING until the game is FORCE CLOSED

Usually when trying to retry Armada quickly. And often after a Collection Folder is complete. I just ignore everything and hit the Retry or mash enter at the terminal for Urgent after finishing one.

Doesn't seem to be a connection issue, as people were asking ?? when I was hoping the prompt will go away at :28 as the UQ is about to end

I have a feeling removing all the aggravating prompts at the end of a mission will fix this one since there is usually some kind of useless prompt that requires hitting enter or esc to get rid of when it happens... The first time I ran this (Armada) there was a prompt that also glitched me out, thankfully it was only a one time prompt...

I think it has also happened on daily recs (due to the unavoidable prompt)