PSO2 NGS Viewing Party in PSO2

I made a few crass looking edits of what the title cards for in-game broadcasts of the (More than likely) SEGA owned English dubs of the anime series (Phantasy Star Online 2 the Animation and Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode Oracle), and what the lobby could look like in-between the waiting periods for Urgent Quests.

Please make this a reality, all we seem to have access to on Hulu and Crunchyroll are the Subtitled versions.

I'm suspecting that theater releases of the English dubs won't happen anytime soon, so this might be the most consumer friendly way of either a free event, or premium service exclusive access to a virtual theater to watch the anime.

Side note: Disabling any sound effects or disruptions during performances is something that Nexon has done in Mabinogi.

Given that PSO2 is on the same if not superior level of developer competence, it shouldn't be too hard to disable the use of Symbol Arts or Stamps and chat bubbles for as long as a dubbed episode is playing on a screen.

(The E button to focus on Quna could've been used for that in addition to changing the camera focus. Hopefully that can get patched in.)

I presume that you'd still be able to chat via the log, but it might not pop up on anyone's screen if they're using E to view the anime on screen.

Of course, SEGA could always choose to toss this idea and do an actual livestream with the anime dubs instead.



@MasterDarkwingz Just a heads up. The screens aren't tied to anything that's live. The files for the videos are added when they maintenance. So unless you want the file size of the game to bloat, probably rethink the idea.

Well that's a major bummer.

@MasterDarkwingz It's not to say I don't like some aspects of your idea. I just don't know how they would be able to implement such a thing right now. Maybe after NGS goes live, they might have the inclination to overhaul the way those screens work. I think it would be a good community driven experience. Perhaps a mini quest to procure the snacks, and drinks. There is a lot they could do with the idea in general. But it's not something that I'd expect any time soon. The development team is focused on making sure NGS launches without the same issues other games have. Judging by the dev streams, they love their work, and take pride in it.

Yep, they sounded excited for the CBT results. I'm not expecting major changes right away, either.

It might be nice to have by late summer, if that kind of work can even be done in that timespan.

An overhaul of moving from stationary gif style images to a full fledged playback is a lot to ask, but I'm sure it might've crossed the minds of the devs at one point. If they skipped it to focus purely on NGS, then that's some extreme dedication.

NGS won't be a disappointment, that's for sure.