Braver Perfect Guard Window time?

I am sick of people saying I suck becuase I miss one katana braver counter out of 5. Fact is I am definitely above the 50% mark given the performance I regularly see in pug UQs and how much extra weight I pull.

Maybe if it was mentioned SOMEWHERE, just how long the window is to perfect guard with katana on braver, I would miss NO counters and be able to carry even more people who actually DO suck

Almost everything "Perfect" is pretty tight. There are some skills that increase windows of certain "Perfect" mechanics, but usually is reserved for classes that don't normally have a "Perfect" on that type of action. Dodges and Perfect Guards usually are about half a second or so, and it's a frame perfect window on both ends of that time frame, so if you are even a frame off of the timer, it won't count it.

You're going to have to memorize attacks and their tells usually to deal with this.

@coldreactive I need an exact number. I'm told its just under 1 second but no idea the exact fraction. knowing would speed up the learning curve by a factor of 5

I found this link for looking at the Frame Data which lists the Katana-Braver's weapon action at 44 frames (on a comparison to optimal performance at 60 FPS) which should be about "0.73" seconds.

I do not know if that is exact or fully applicable in that sense as I found myself practicing the timings for this (including perfect-dodges for the other classes) but simply learning to dodge or block at the absolute last fraction of a second you can because there are numerous enemies who punish you for blocking or dodging too early such as Phaleg's flaming walls (you can "perfect dodge" the first hit as a Hero but the next frame results in a hit that can instant-kill you because you don't actually negate the whole attack, as this could also be seen with the Crimson/Black Dragon if you do not learn to extend your invulnerability frames).

Activating the perfect guard is easy and the biggest problem is the enemies randomly hitting your side or back while they swing at your face with the magic of terrible hitboxes. Also knowing how long the enemy poses like a moron before they swing. Do the mission/ fight the same enemy enough times, and you can do it easily with any class that has those timing things since there isn't much difference between them (excluding the magic of terrible hitboxes which you can't control).

Still, who has time to look at how others play while they are fighting? Unless they don't i guess.

Some enemies have basically no telegraph on some attacks that can be guarded and hit you. like the charges on some enemies, if you're in melee range you have near zero chance of catching that.

Others, like Omega Masquerade at least have fairly clear telegraphs on most things, even though theres a very obvious delay between input and action sometimes. Sometimes I will block at the exact right moment and the game will pretend I wasn't blocking at all.

@ZeeHero9271 As I mentioned some enemies have attacks that punish you for getting even the "exact" timing on attacks. I know some of Omega Maquerade's slashes can break a perfect block/dodge unless you do it at the absolute last second where you can still have some of your invulnerability frames overlapping the next attack or the rest of the attack that he does. Especially as you get into the later depths when his attacks start having "randomized" timings to break normal blocking rhythms or he gets alternative versions of his attacks (he can do a very quick triple-slash in lieu of his normal triple-dash-slash) that end up becoming obstacles you simply learn and adapt to.

Depending on the content you are playing, most of Episode 5 and 6 is geared towards this sort of combat where you can see what is coming up and react to it but most of Episodes 1-4 is essentially that you can practice these fights and simply learn the timings and attack patterns on those bosses as they aren't quite as obvious or refined as how the later game is paced.

See thats poor design, as far as the timing goes. Attacks can be fast or slow but there always needs to be a cue for the player to know how to react, even if it's not immediately obvious, something you can practice and learn.

18f (0.3s)

that definitely doesn't match other sources which say its about half a second or even most of a second.

@ZeeHero9271 said in Braver Perfect Guard Window time?:

that definitely doesn't match other sources which say its about half a second or even most of a second.

then you're free to believe those sources instead

@Neek The problem is I need an accurate answer, and conflicting information doesn't help.

I can't believe SEGA wont just tell us, they'd know, having made the game, and this is kind of important info for players to have.

If you really want to know, you can find out yourself by recording yourself at 60 FPS and then guarding lots of enemies and finding out where it works and where it doesn't, then count the frames.

For reference, it is 18F (0.3s) like Neek says.