Sub Class Etoile

Is anyone else noticing that using Etoile as a sub class for Summoner, Force, Techter, Bouncer (all technique users) that resta does not work? Why I ask is that I noticed during a few of the last few UQs i did, I use Resta and it only heals me for 1 hp, changed my sub class to something different and it works just fine.

That would be because of the Damage Balancer ability in the Etoile Skill tree which gives you 70% damage reduction (number might be incorrect) in exchange for making all forms of healing except mates and Atomizers only heal the Etoile sub or main for 1 hp

Well now that I know that I won't use etoile as a sub class for technique using classes

Phantom is a much better sub (practically the only viable sub now) for Summoner anyway. Sadly, most of Etoile's damage output is based on perfect attacks and... well, summoner can't do them 😞

@Kittykatluver16 It can work for the Force and the Techer if you needed to be "tanky" and you can also completely skip Damage Balancer on the Etoile to begin with but if you decide to skip it you are just as squishy as everyone else and at least in my opinion Damage Balancer is the "heart" of the Etoile's skill tree. If you have the Mate Maniacs (L) ring in conjunction with the Atomizer Lovers (L) ring you can definitely trivialize healing if you do not mind using items but the Etoile as a subclass really kills the effectiveness of Technique classes if you like using Resta or Megiverse (or even lifesteal potentials) to heal yourself.

The main reason I personally go for Et as a sub on my Fi for example, is the fact that I can skip [S4: Lifesteal Strike] and have a more damage oriented SAF like [S4: Frontal Adept] or [S4: Hammer of the Wise]. Other combination as Fi/Hu might do better burst damage, but Fi/Et gives me overall more consistent dps.

As for Tech classes, maybe going Et isn't a good choice, not because of the lack of healing but because of [Same Arts PP Save] and [Tech Arts Count Bonus] which are only for PAs. But otherwise, as long as you are not a SMN or know your class enough not to get hit too much, it's just ok for tech focused ones, it's more like a niche on that situation.

My personal recommendation is to play with your main class enough to know the nooks and crannies of their mechanics, combos and tricks and try different subs and you will know which sub to go. The thing about PSO2 is that the choices are really dependent on the player skill and playstyle, which I often compare it to fighting games...

Honestly, the rapid update in content and people on NA focusing too much on affixing made the majority of the player base to lack the experience on the class they try to play with. That's probably the reason you can see similarly geared players on the same class and build. One trying to do ultimate Naverius solo and dying while the other one is hunting millions of points in endless rondo. With time, experience and practice people tend to get a lot better, know the mechanics and have better reactions to the enemies...