character creation question

i know we start off with three characters.. are we able to delete and recreate those chars?

when i made these chars i didn't realize there would be limited saves.. so i just made some quick characters to see which class i would like.. (not knowing i could be any class)..

if i am able to recreate one of these originals, will it matter that i have bought another char?

basically, i made 3 female deumans.. (again, i wanted a female deuman, wasn't sure which class so just made three real quick to test) bought a 4th and made it male..

but would like to recreate one of my originals (or two if able) and make a cast char.. )


well as a player with all three female humans.. i get a lot of wasted scratch items.. and i don't get to experience much of the game..

No, as long you have 3 or more characters - you will need character pass to make new characters

You have 3 free character slots. You can delete (a 24 hr wait time) and then recreate a character all you want with no punishment as long as you maintain the 3 chars. But if you bought a 4th slot char and you delete one of the 4 chars, you just wasted AC and lost the char permit. To make the 4th one again you be spending another set of AC to create it.

Why exactly was this stupid char creation ticket in place? To reduce the amount of meseta from some dailies/weeklies? Works perfectly considering the current inflation thanks to all the bots. You could have just removed those meseta options and even though you would have less income, you could still buy more stuff because of a much better economy.

@Yui2387 The character limit has nothing to do with Dailies/Weeklies (which weren't added to the JP version until Episode 6), rather it is strictly a matter of monetization. When the game first launched in 2012, you only had one free character, and you had the same Character Permit system in place; a second free character was added with Episode 2 since they added the Deuman race, and the third was added with Episode 4 with the expansion of the character creation system.

This is easily one of the strange parts of Phantasy Star Online 2 where the game has been very "old" and had some very old ideas and concepts in place that never really changed over time other than giving the players smaller conveniences (such as free character slots over time). I would have really preferred if you can buy the next character slot and not necessarily the character themselves but Sega's Character Permit only allows you to pay to create an additional character and the slot just happens to come with it and goes when you delete that character (or any other character(s) until you can make another free character).

In New Genesis it is confirmed that racial features can be freely used in character creation so you can be a CAST with Newman ears and Dewman horns if you so desired as they are axing "gender" and "race" as a concept and are allowing players to mix-and-match these features. Hopefully when this update comes around you will be able to take your characters and revamp them significantly as New Genesis characters will still be usable in the original game and our original characters can be usable in New Genesis.

@AndrlCh Ive been told way too many times that it was due to concerns about people deleting chars and getting free stuff every 24hrs so they decided to make a creation ticket. To be honest, I couldn't care less if it was either a pointless measure to stop inflation or just a greedy bastards move. I have never encountered such shameless business practices in any other mmo I have played.

@Yui2387 In the Japanese version I recall deleting characters was on a queue that took a week to resolve. On the global version this was a much bigger deal because we started with ARKS Missions right out the door (which was not a thing on the Japanese side until Episode 6 was released) which resulted in players creating characters, leveling them up to Level 30 to get the Mag Support Items, and then stockpiling them to sell on the Player Shops.

This was also the case for collecting Parfaits from Pietro who gave one for each character through some of his initial client orders.

It was strange to me that the global version made this so much more "lax" and easy to abuse but at the point we are at now you don't exactly make such a big killing on the Player Shops for Mag Food Devices that are obtained easily anyways compared to getting some decent affixes or valuable affixes that can be potentially profitable for free-to-play players.

i just want to play something besides three female deumans (original creations when i didn't realize i was going to be asked to pay for save slots and was just quick building to experiment with classes before building my "main")..

but.. i bought a male humanish..

because.. if you think rng is crap on scratchies...

imagine if only female non cast parts are usable by you.. and the rest is, well, worthless.. especially sg scratch..

so i got, 3 deuman females that look exactly alike and 1 male..


okey, thanks all for the responses..

just didn't expect to be konami'd