a request concerning fallen heroes scratch and it's imminent doom

i agree with the vast majority of folks..

but i am curious why bring up how jp servers handle things?

they also got to play the game for many years as opposed to paying to play a glorified rush demo aimed at cultivating a paying base of players for an upcoming release..

a demo, might i add, that hasn't been the smoothest, or even fair for all players for that matter..

now, i love pso and sega team.. (and all of you ^^)

but.. i feel that making comparisons between the full game and the demo and using that as method for deciding how to treat it's player base is silly..

@HarmlessSyan said in a request concerning fallen heroes scratch and it's imminent doom:

As for free exchange tickets, it is SUPER rare you get these for free on JP.

Yeah, what I'm saying is us getting a choice ticket per scratch would be a good balancing mechanism to make up for the fact we've had overlapping sets, 4 years less of the repeating SG sources, and Fresh Finds draining an exorbitant amount of SG.

I might not be so disenchanted with SG if I could at least exchange the stuff I didn't want/need for more SG to try again. Or if I could sell the stuff I didn't want. It's gotten to where I'll throw out 80SG for one scratch very rarely and hope I get lucky. I don't usually.

@WoollierTiara12 In regards to your comparison between the "demo" and the "full game" the demo is significantly more profitable for Sega at the moment than the full game has been. There are a number of reasons for this and this has resulted in the "full game" getting features that the "demo" introduced such as the Mission Pass (which makes Japanese players lose star gems but gain much better rewards than we currently have on global from the get-go).

There are still slight differences between the two in how things are handled (Crests and yearly weapon badges in the Japanese version whereas the Global version has "Rising Badges" and the"Unique Weapon Badges") but the games are so close together that it is largely almost the same.

I feel that it is important to understand as well that the differences that the Japanese version does with their star gems does highlight a very big difference with how the Global version handles their star gems especially when it comes to distribution and obtaining them as the global players still cannot make as much as the Japanese players do without Sega's occasional handouts.

@VanillaLucia said in a request concerning fallen heroes scratch and it's imminent doom:

(which makes Japanese players lose star gems but gain much better rewards than we currently have on global from the get-go).

I just want to make a quick correction here: The Mission Pass doesn't pay itself off in the Global version either.

If you were to never use the gold pass in the first place, you would gain 100 SG from the Mission Pass.

The gold section of the Mission Pass only grants a further 100 SG, meaning that buying a Gold Pass actually puts you down by 100 SG than if you didn't use it, ergo, it also costs 100 SG just like the Japanese version.

doesn't premium give free gold pass on global though

Yup premium membership comes with a gold pass. Since I buy my premium one month at a time I always have a gold pass.

i think i came across wrong and i need to clarify: i was referring to the folks who were essentially saying "i don't see what you guys are on about.. they've thrown tons of sg at you and jp servers do it certain certain way"

as if that negates what most all of us agree on.

i wholeheartedly agree with the vast majority of you all and especially many of the points that i hadn't thought about or had said information to have thoughts about. i was in no way trying to attack or undermine anyone, except maybe undermine those trying to undermine the rest of us lol ^^

and boy.. i so totally feel that "disenchanted with sg" feels..

after playing many times and ending up 2 outfits of varying colors..


I feel nothing but disgust towards it. 40 tickets and 90% of it was Gemini crap. I freaking hate Gemini. 😧

So with 1 week to go a new campaign set has been announced and there's nothing for Fallen Heroes. Safe to say this request is sadly dead. A real surprise that the good idea of distributing a ticket for Mother's Disciples wasn't used for the other sets as well.