a request concerning fallen heroes scratch and it's imminent doom

i would like to request that we are given the opportunity to earn or be gifted one final "fallen heroes ticket" before it is gone.

qi have tried many times to get some items i really want from that scratch, but instead have gotten two or three outfits multiple times but in different colors.. 😕

i see a countdown window of just over 2 weeks to be able to get those things i desire, but with a drop table that has given me so little, i fear that this will not be doable...

and once these items are gone, since they aren't tradable, they are gone..

i have done the math and for me to earn another ticket it would be 1600 sg.. that's over $70.. some may be further away.

sure, i MAY draw the items i would love to have.. but with the way drop tables are set, i really am discouraged about my chances..

please consider allowing this request.

it's just one sg item.. but to us, it's a chance to get that one specific item we really want that is impossible to obtain elsewhere before they are gone.

thank you

Agreed. It baffles me that SG scratch choice tickets are never included in any freebies campaign. These could make people happy and probably even prompt more people to spend their SG in those scratches.

I was kinda surprised they only did a campaign for the mother scratch

SG Scratches come and go on the Japanese side so when they expire they are only gone for a few weeks or months at a time before being reintroduced with "more."

I would not be surprised if instead of Fallen Heroes we end up getting a more generalized Episodes 1-3 scratch again with the Voice Tickets included or a combined Episodes 1-5 SG Scratch at some point as the Japanese version has one that has combined their Episode 5 and 6 scratches.

The issue is that there is no real way to farm for SGs and the amounts they give out e.g. for winning an ARKS League are comically low. What was that? There is some layered wear you really want to have but it's in a SG scratch? Well have fun throwing your SG against the RNG wall then. You can't even buy the items you want and sell the items you don't want.

TBH SG scratches should have never been a thing in the first place, if they really wanted to put these items in an in-game currency based scratch then they should have used extended FUN scratches for that.

@Ryoga I agree with this in that the prices should have been adjusted for the Global side of things as in the Japanese version it is excessively easy to have Star Gems and nothing to spend it on (right now the only real "sink" is their Mission Pass which costs 100 SG to unlock the Gold Track and gives back no Star Gems at all because their "economy" gives out more Star Gems than you can spend) beyond the SG Scratches. When you take into account that their methods of gaining Star Gems are largely the same (100 SG from Buster Medals, 100 SG from the Battle Arena, 40 SG from the Casino, not including Challenge Quests, the ARKS League, the monthly rankings for Battle Arena, weekly Time Attack rankings, and more) they also have the advantage of having PSO2es and IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga offering hefty rewards beyond just cosmetics, equipment, and more for the base game as you can use those to fuel your Star Gems as well.

They do have a "Treasure Shop" that uses Star Gems as the currency for some of their items but to my knowledge not many players actually use that whereas in the Global version our Fresh Finds Shop is loaded with fashionable items and cosmetics that definitely will starve you of Star Gems if you intend on trying to get everything.

@VanillaLucia intending to get everything is something for people who charge to get it, which is why you can convert AC to SG or purchase SG directly.

I agree that the scratches are pretty lame, but 6 months is plenty of time to save up the SG to get a ticket at the very least. I bust all my SG in the past on triggers, but they are super free now, so I won't be doing that again.

I dont really get this concerns...Sega literally throwed thousands of free SG on us Players through campaigns and easy rewards for story quests etc, plenty enough to get that free choice ticket for the item we want so bad. We have plenty ways to earn sg, we can buy sg.... Still here we are, people complaining thats all not enough, wanting everything delivered free....

Yeah, we can burn sg on the fresh finds, but what is that attitude that a player must get every little thing he wants without paying for it? Its not enough that this is a free game already?

I agree with this, I actually spent the last month doing nothing but Fallen Heroes scratch to get my Matoi 3 emote.

There’s only so much SG you can earn. You can only do story once or get the titles once, after that you’re at the mercy of casino/buster/pvp and hoping a new scratch comes out with clothes with affinity bars left because they all get snapped up with time.

I got my Fallen Heroes ticket from getting all the titles on my Lookbook and getting 350 titles, it took all month.

Now those options are gone, what now? Give us more ways to earn the SG or give the ticket before Fallen Heroes is over.

SG scratch is the one thing I won’t spend a dime on. I got forty items worth of junk that I can’t trade. Do you know how angry I would be if I spent money on that? That’s over $100 of literal trash. AC scratch is at least fair.

@Milk Don't forget about the SG Swap Shop, you can trade in the junk and there are a few cool things in there.

It'd be nice if you could buy tickets there, 1 for 5 or ten items.


That would be a nice idea, even if it’s 100 SG junk items for one ticket. I like the Color Change Pass but it needs more stuff, right now the scratch feels like a lose/lose.

Sigh I still need a second Night Sea Paint F and the Apocalypse Staff Requiem my damn lucky husband got on his first try. 😧 Grr

I also support this request. It seems unfair to people who preferred Fallen Heroes content that no campaign gave a choice ticket for that while seeing those of us who preferred Mother's Disciples content get a choice ticket from campaigns.

At the time the Mother's Disciples choice ticket was given away, I expected every SG scratch set would give one choice ticket at some point and that this was a mechanism to make up for the fact that our SG scratches are being combined and overlapped in a way that JP never had to suffer.

A mechanism that I praised, and am somewhat baffled by not seeing repeated for the other sets.

@VanillaLucia said in a request concerning fallen heroes scratch and it's imminent doom:

SG Scratches come and go on the Japanese side so when they expire they are only gone for a few weeks or months at a time before being reintroduced with "more."

Not nearly as regularly as you imply.

Fallen Heroes is a combination of JP's Darkness Ruler (June - December 2016) and Bright Dark Heroine (December 2016 - June 2017). They were kind of combined with a couple extras (November - December 2017), and then parts of that were combined with the Mother's Disciples content in a messy mixture revival (October - November 2019).

That's a gap of 6-12 months for one revival, and then two years before a messy partial revival with lowered odds to get the thing you want if it's even included at all.

While we're on the subject can we all stop pretending that "JP do revivals"? No they don't. They do partial revivals which are invariably worse than the original scratch set for getting what you want. We've seen it too with the dumpster fire that was Throwback Collection. I'm sure WoollierTiara12 doesn't want a nerfed revival that either makes it harder to get what they want or doesn't even have what they want. We as a community need to stop following this charade.

Moreover, most recent SG scratches on JP are these messy revivals and the Episode 6 set runs from August 2020 to January 2021 which is shorter than usual. It seems pretty obvious they're gearing up for New Genesis to either ditch SG scratches altogether or move them all to be for NGS content. If they do that, Global probably will too so we can't even be confident we'll get horrid messy revivals that might not include what WoollierTiara12 is looking for in the first place. And even if we do, they could be waiting up to two years. Since when was that a solution?

@John-Paul-RAGE said in a request concerning fallen heroes scratch and it's imminent doom:

I agree that the scratches are pretty lame, but 6 months is plenty of time to save up the SG to get a ticket at the very least.

@Scerms77 said in a request concerning fallen heroes scratch and it's imminent doom:

I dont really get this concerns...Sega literally throwed thousands of free SG on us

Seems you chaps underestimate RNG.

I had 6 things I wanted from Mother's Disciples. 80 scratches in and the way the odds worked out I should have expected to get 3-4 of them. I got 1, and it wasn't one of the most important three. If it wasn't for the choice ticket they gave through a campaign, the two I'd have got from scratching would still see me 3 items short which on this pattern of luck would take another 120 scratches for 200 scratches total.

Yes they may have given us a few thousand SG from one-time story quests, titles and login campaigns. I don't think they've given us 16,000 of it to date. And even if they had, that'd require me to ignore two other scratch sets entirely. What if I also wanted stuff from the overlapping sets?

JP has had over four years worth of SG scratch, much of which saw sets debut at half the size of our sets which means the odds of getting what you want is way higher. All six of the items I want come from the "Aether Mother Hope" side of what is our Mother's Disciples set. I could have ignored the "Mother Cluster Imitation" side entirely, but on Global it was never an option to just eliminate half the interference from the prize pool.

Throughout this time JP players have been given a supply of SG that is arguably slightly higher than ours per week (but to me the bigger gain is they never had Fresh Finds acting as a constant SG sink) which means they've had almost 4 years of extra SG accumulation Global players cannot compete with.

Really the only things that we've got to ease the SG strain in particular with SG scratch is the migration of a tiny portion of some of the SG scratch content (such as the Lark Barbatos outfit and Azanami's outfit) to Mission Pass, and the Mother's Disciples choice ticket. The latter of which was actually pretty good, and it makes complete sense to repeat it for our other SG scratch sets.

@Miraglyth said in a request concerning fallen heroes scratch and it's imminent doom:

Seems you chaps underestimate RNG.


Let's say you're a ranger who wants to go for Risas outfit and the class related stuff. This would be 8 items (the head, the 3 parts, 2 accessories and 2 weapon camos) which easily costs you over 10k SGs and 25600 at worst just to complete the look for one character.

Let's also say you want to go for Shivas stuff from the EP6 scratch (which we should get within the next couple of months), that would be another 13 items which are related to this character (not counting colored variants of the base and innerwear).

Now put the SGs you get from stuff like the Buster Medal exchange in relation to the SGs required to get over 20 items from 2 scratches over the course of ~9 months and you will see that the SGs are not going to be nearly enough even if you ignore everyting else you could spend SGs on and that's only for completing 2 outfit sets.

This game should have ways to reliably farm SGs in decent quantities (preferably not though outside sources like having to play other games as mentioned by other players), the 40-100 SGs we get from very few time-gated sources just don't cut it.

My main gripe is say you did want to spend $ on SG to get that ticket. It would cost you $120 to get an SG scratch ticket. It costs you $60 to get an AC scratch ticket.

We have very few ways to earn SG. Buster and pvp are pretty dead so you have to work twice as hard get the buster medals or you wait 30+ minutes for a pvp match. I ran pvp just for the first timer title and I waited so long just to get a match going.

Affinity is a good method when new scratch comes out but after a day or two the market’s dry.

Casino is pretty good but it’s not enough either.

The SG campaigns are nice when they do exist, I saved all of mine.

But most of these things aren’t reliable. What the heck do you do once there’s nothing left?

FF is cancer, perfectly tradeable AC and FUN scratch items made untradeable and eating your SG.

Though I do have to say I like the SG revivals more than the initial scratches, as they tend to revive just the default colored of the NPC's outfit rather than all the other color variations like the current Earth Memory - if you want to cosplay as the Mother Cluster/Corps NPCs http://pso2.jp/players/catalog/scratch/sg/20201007/ (link will only be alive till Jan 20th). I don't know if they still doing it on global, but on JP we have to trade in 40 less desired SG scratch items to get the exchange ticket rather than just getting one for just scratching 40 times and you get to keep everything.

After Jan 20 and until March 3, we are getting another revival with many of the major NPC outfits (no EP4 or EP6 because those are current SG scratches) shown in the most recent teaser video - I timestamped the SG revival part https://youtu.be/dCv8JRZFa0A?t=139

As for free exchange tickets, it is SUPER rare you get these for free on JP.