Can I copy my characters appearance?

Is there any way to copy my characters appearance so I can remake that character on another ship? Don't feel like making a new character for a different ship if there's an easier option.

I'm not sure about the XBOX Version, but on the JP PC version, you could save appearance data to re-load during character creation. The option was near the bottom of the character creation screen on the part where you are changing the appearance.

If you go to a Salon and edit your appearance, there should be an option at the bottom titled "Save Appearance Data" and "Load Appearance Data". Select Save to have it save your currently selected parameters (Body sliders, hair color, style, etc) and it'll save your appearance so that you may load it for a newly created character.

When you want to load your saved parameters you can hit "Load Appearance Data" when you get to customizing a new character and it should work like that.

Do note that if you saved an appearance that had ticket based hairstyles or voices it may not be able to load or use a default style. I haven't tested this far but as long as you save with the basic styles you get from starting out it should work.