20 Hour Livestream

Currently Live Testing PSO2 NGS in the 20th Anniversary with a show of EDWIN Presents.

[Key Points:]

  • Had JP staff playing through from PSO (Or was it PSU?) to live orchestra concert.

  • NGS accessory model is compatible with PSO2 original model.

Also, RIP Loli height. I seem to be correct about the height UI being censored by the logo.

The height for the demo playthrough appears to be rather tall, though.

Periscope link.


Imma tease you with screencaps of the Salon: Screenshot_1.jpg




The NPC transmission cut-in is in a fixed position it seems. So that means less needing to find where the text box when you move the camera/etc:

alt text

RUNNING IN THE NINETIES (You can dash/2x Jump/Glide in the base):

alt text

While I didn't get a screenshot of it. You can see the giant video screen in the amphitheater from the opposite side of the base.

Moon Atomizers are also much faster to use.

And through this stream you'll also note that players who leave the base instantly disappear from view unless you also go out into that field area (regardless of party or not.) It looked like the staff were trying to make sure their cameras didn't show that, but I noticed it out of the corner of one of their cameras.

Player models will show the blocky loading animation like NPCs do when they're coming in and out of areas in this case.

Enemies with a high enough level difference will have reduced damage dealt to them. The below image is showing a small enemy without a shield core being attacked, and showing the level difference message:

alt text

Oh, hiding more things? They could be working on that zone loading, might be why they tried to hide it.

Also noticed that someone has motion blur on.

Key Points:

  • Innerwear went by fast, got this on replay scrubbing.

  • Splash effects make a return.

  • Glide long jump test and the quest tracker is visible.

  • Party Leader now has an indicator.

  • Boxes get to join the new skin party.

  • You can parkour with glide.

  • NPC's quest bubble is now transparent blue instead of one block of opaque blue.

  • Parties can now have a Leader and Sub Leader!

  • The lobby now has more storage terminals than ever thanks to Central City in NGS! (All in one place, too.)

  • Not all of Central City shops were shown from the start.














Staff with a snack:


More inside the studio. Screenshot_11.jpg

PSO2 Lobby Transfer to NGS: Screenshot_12.jpg



If you made it this far and want to see more, Anamana did a video on the hour long coverage if you want to shorten the Periscope scrubbing.

According to the Official Twitter, this special CBT walkthrough will be edited and translated when it is shown overseas.

(If you don't understand a little bit of Japanese through anime osmosis.)

PSO2 Global released the official English dub of the PSO2 NGS CBT preview. Thankfully, the dub wasn't rushed this time.

I will be watching it closely for cut content.

Skipping the Photon Dash and Wall Jump mechanics because there's likely to be a tutorial anyways.

[The CBT preview is still in the development stage, and things will improve.]

  • Attacks can now be done by holding down the button instead of multi click. Makes your build easier to plan now, doesn't it?

  • Just like items, Resta signs can be picked up while running.

  • You can recover HP while running, making the old days of flat faced while healing others a thing of the past.

  • Demo builds for the preview: Hunter/Ranger

  • Defeat enemies that match your level for drops?

  • World Map shows player position of your party members. If you get lost, you can always teleport.

[This isn't even Central City's final form! Central City is still under development, and may change.]

LOL They said, "This isn't an X Rated Salon so keep your comments to yourself," to the live chat.

  • CBT Salon is currently under development, so you can't save your changes during the CBT build.

  • Accessory colors cannot be chosen, however you can choose which part to sync colors with.

[JP chat approves of Accessory Color Sync.]

  • Salon ongoing development means that the build cannot be selected during CBT.

Appreciate your notes on this. 👍

@Vashzaron said in 20 Hour Livestream:

Appreciate your notes on this. 👍

I appreciate your appreciation. 😊

How the heck does the new engine not do anything about all these shimmering jagged edges?


@Miraglyth The 20 hour live stream didn't have AA on. This was likely on purpose due to the livestream having artifacting.

For those wondering, an HD version of the stream is on YouTube with english dubbing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj3wiffcEvI

@coldreactive said in 20 Hour Livestream:

For those wondering, an HD version of the stream is on YouTube with english dubbing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj3wiffcEvI

Yeah that's where I took that still from. It's as seriously jarring as it's always been. Have they shown what NGS AA looks like yet and if it's an improvement over the PSO2 one that doesn't do jack about edges?