Blue scythe

Hello everyone wondering where can find the scythe I've seen since this started. I am a returning player been long time since was last on just recently been playing and finally got phantom. If anyone would like to run or be friends too just look for me Kyra ^^

@Kyra They gave out a skin a bit ago via the Visiphone, that had the word grim in it. It's a camo that changes the skin of the rod, the rifle, and the katana. The rod is the blue scythe you seek. Nothing more than a skin.

Oh okay don't think I received one was there a deadline?

@Kyra It was a re-Tweet campaign in November, sorry.

@Kodiakmax-101 Was that only for active PSO2 users? I thought that was for all users. Even absent ones.

@Anarchy-Marine I don't know for sure but if OP doesn't have it, I guess it was only active.

OP should check their campaign items at the Visiphone since this Camo was only distributed in the previous maintenance alongside all other Twitter campaign items but if the OP just started Idk if they still receive it or not.

Sounds like I missed out. I do like the scythe camo but oh well that sucks and forgot my 2nd password since been like months since was here lol so gonna be however long I sent a request in

Turns out I did have the grim assassin camo this whole time lol didn't pay attention to my storage of putting it in there but thanks all for replying

@Kyra Glad you got it! I have that problem sometimes. I looked through all 3 characters for my 15*rod twice yesterday, found it third try on my main, right where it was supposed to be.

Nice. Now just trying to see how can up my PAs for my phantom class. I don't have any 15 stars of anything yet or if can just find them without premium

@Kyra Claim collection folder gear.

Have some for those but not all yet