Are those items bound to a character or not(/account)?

Hi there,

when using an cosmetic there always comes up a window which asks me to confirm the item use. There is also a little information which says "Once you use this Ticket, you will be able to select with all characters by using the same Ticket with the same character or another character."... this text alone is somewhat confusing to me. But it sounds like I can use it with other characters and only need to use it once? Because in the item details it says "Using it will bind it to this character." which sound very clear to me.

So I'm pretty sure those items are bound to the character I use them with. But I don't know, can someone explain what the first message in the confirmation window actually means?

Unless they've changed it from the JP version, using it once unlocks it for only that character. Using it a second time unlocks it for all characters on your account.

Ah, that would make sense. Thanks for the reply 🙂